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Subject: Good Job
I like this site. Lots of good information. I hope to visit Russia one day next year.
Name: Thomas Baltrusaitis
Date: Wed, 23-Nov-2005 03:07
Subject: nice site mugu
guys this site is very good keep of here
Name: guyman
Date: Sun, 20-Nov-2005 22:55
Subject: information
Sir.I want to visit this regard i need invitation.please please help me regarding this matter.
Name: Muhammad Sajid
Date: Tue, 08-Nov-2005 09:03
Subject: Just looking
Very informative. Thanks
Name: Arthur
Date: Sun, 23-Oct-2005 06:36
Subject: road maps
seeking road maps of Rep of Altai and Alty Krai to follow adventures of student relative visiting those areas.Can you direct me to a source of these items?
Name: Ed Parker
Date: Tue, 11-Oct-2005 18:08
Subject: HAHAHA
Date: Fri, 30-Sep-2005 21:14
Subject: whoa
Name: Mike Rach
Date: Fri, 30-Sep-2005 21:12
Subject: yo mama
Name: Oleg
Date: Fri, 30-Sep-2005 21:10
Subject: i am interested to tour to russia
pl guide me i want to go to russia to meet my friend,in touring at moderate rates 1 month tour i send me on my home addresspramod deshpandescientist engineer16/206 vip hudco ultadanga calcutta india 700 054i liked your site is informative
Name: pramod deshpande
Date: Fri, 23-Sep-2005 18:28
Subject: biz
guy men i, love here
Name: kenny
Date: Thu, 08-Sep-2005 19:52
Subject: moscow travel
I plan to travel to moscow at october and I need a city guider for me. if you help me for this. I be happy. thank u
Name: mufit
Date: Tue, 19-Jul-2005 01:12
Subject: Znatskofsky
I am looking for the correct spelling of a Russian Name, I believe it to be something likeZnatskofsky
Name: Leo
Date: Mon, 11-Jul-2005 04:45
Subject: Guest visa for Russian woman
Hi. I need to find how I can have a Russian woman whom I have developed a relationship with be allowed to visit me in Ameerica. I need to find out what the process and procedures are. Any information you can provide me will be immensley appreciated. Thank You, Ted
Name: Ted
Date: Tue, 07-Jun-2005 19:16
Subject: Great Site
I ran into this site by accident and it is one of the best sites about russia
Name: srudent
Date: Mon, 06-Jun-2005 08:06
Subject: russia
Russia had four names in 1941 what were these names?
Name: Charlotte
Date: Sat, 14-May-2005 23:01
Subject: well done
My congratulations!Your sites are well done!Best regards from Germany!
Name: Klaas-Dieter Voss
Date: Wed, 06-Apr-2005 12:07
Subject: okudzhava in english
zhal shto net eprevodov stixov okudzhavu in english
Name: yulia
Date: Wed, 02-Mar-2005 13:21
Subject: verry verry lucky
finally after blood, swet and tears I found a verry good site for my work about Russia thanks makers of this site
Name: Snder A.
Date: Wed, 16-Feb-2005 19:09
Subject: Excellent and Resourceful Information!!
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Customs of Russia and its history and present. Your site is a wealth of information and links to information about your wonderfully Great Country!! I have it saved on my computer so I can always refer back to it to learn more about Russia The Great!!!
Name: Kenneth Patterson
Date: Wed, 09-Feb-2005 05:46
Subject: error
I think there is an error in the text of the Ryazan Region in your web. Its the same than Rostov Region.
Name: eduard
Date: Thu, 27-Jan-2005 10:29
Subject: BIRDS
Lu, I am sending you these birds that transmit you a deep sense of freedom
Name: Num
Date: Wed, 05-Jan-2005 21:50
Subject: Serbian-Chetniks
Great website!Nasu srpsku podrsku imate u ime Boga i Pravoslavlja!Chetnikpride world wide!S VEROM U BOGA SLOBODA ILI
Name: Serbian-Chetniks
Date: Mon, 01-Nov-2004 14:49
Subject: Anatole Gerasimov
Hello,My name is Mark Buselli and I am bringing the Butler University Jazz Ensemble to St. Petersburg Spring 2005. Does anyone know how to get in touch with jazz saxophonist Anatole Gerasimov? I want to hire him as a guest artist.Thanks!
Name: Mark Buselli
Date: Fri, 17-Sep-2004 23:47
Subject: spain
Hello russian are good people.
Name: fred maga mumu mumu
Date: Fri, 17-Sep-2004 22:14
Subject: Hello Again
I travelled to Susdal and the Golden Triangle of Russia, with the Red Cross, in 1993. I always told people how this area would one day be a very important tourist area of the world. That dream is coming true. I loved it and so will anyone who vists your anchient and beautiful part of the world. Best of LuckDavid PlaceCanada
Name: David Place
Date: Mon, 06-Sep-2004 07:45
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