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Subject: Vyborg History
Vyborg history.In your websites you told that Vyborg is an old Russian city. The truth is that the Vyborg was part of the Finland until 1944, Vyborg was the second biggest town in Finland. Stalin and red army plundered Vyborg From Finland in summer 1944. Russia attack against the small Finland and took the city of Vyborg, and much of the country. Finnish people are still very bitter about this, and therefore the most of finnish are not a real friends of Russia. Why Russian history can not write the truth ?
Name: K. Lehto
Date: Sun, 28-Feb-2010 21:13
Subject: Scheie
Scheie Scheie
Name: ZTi
Date: Tue, 23-Feb-2010 09:58
Subject: Estserver
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Name: Balthost
Date: Thu, 12-Nov-2009 18:21
Subject: About this website
It would be good to know about the person/organisation responsible for this site. Perhaps this information could be added in an about the site section?
Name: imogen
Date: Sun, 01-Nov-2009 23:36
Subject: Terrible to read
Facts are mostly incorrect. I hope this site will be put down due to false information.
Name: pp
Date: Mon, 28-Sep-2009 14:31
Subject: hoi
hello my name is bob and i like bananas i think this website is very insufficent it didnt help me find how many hordes there were!!!!kate and bob like apples :)))))
Name: bob
Date: Mon, 10-Aug-2009 08:44
Subject: No
I wonder, whats the source for the history information. Please tell me the name of the book. Im very interested.
Name: Mary
Date: Sat, 01-Aug-2009 23:00
Subject: Family
lOOKING FOR Pucalec Family
Name: Karen
Date: Fri, 17-Jul-2009 21:50
Subject: all
Hi everyone! I am a russian person,I became interesting what the inhabitants of the America live. I can tell about lifes in Russia and me was interesting speak to inhabitant USA about his(its) lifes. If anyone will want to speak then with me possible to in ICQ:56246490. Shall pleased get acquainted. Write,Mihail.
Name: Mihail
Date: Fri, 19-Jun-2009 17:13
Subject: People of Russia
Ive mett a few people from your country here in the USA.Most are very nice people,hard workers.Sometimes I wish I had saved a few of my ideas and tryed to find someone from your country to get Married to.Most american girls are how shall I put this a little shallow minded.Judging by some of the pictures of your country its a very nice place.Not like here where everyone just throws garbage all over the place on the ground.
Name: Duane lake
Date: Wed, 10-Jun-2009 03:21
Subject: Motherland statue
This is a wonderful memorial. All others pale in comparison.
Name: Stan
Date: Tue, 09-Jun-2009 01:18
Subject: hey
i would love to go to russia but know that my dream will never come true. any advice
Name: rusia seeker
Date: Mon, 01-Jun-2009 03:18
Subject: hello
very nice!!!
Name: Karolina
Date: Tue, 19-May-2009 01:34
Subject: No
kak naiti selo naidorf ,krasnodarskogo kraia.mojet ktonibud pamojet
Name: vika
Date: Fri, 01-May-2009 21:17
Subject: school
Im learning about Ivan in school
Name: lily gilday
Date: Sun, 26-Apr-2009 20:13
Subject: Beautiful country
I like very much this great country. I have been in St Petersburg and Moscou.
Name: Tomas Barroso
Date: Tue, 03-Mar-2009 01:56
Subject: No
I like very much this great country. I have been in St. Petersburg and in Moscou.
Name: Tomas Barroso
Date: Tue, 03-Mar-2009 01:51
Subject: No
I like very much this great country. I have been in St Petersburg and in Moscou.
Name: Tomas Barroso
Date: Tue, 03-Mar-2009 01:49
Subject: No
I like very much Russia, I have been last year in St Petersburg and Moscou. Itis a great country
Name: Toms Barroso
Date: Tue, 03-Mar-2009 01:44
Subject: Romanov ancestors
I would like to learn more about the Romanov ancestors, Roman Yurevitch Zakharin and Nikita Romanovich Zakharin, father and brother of Ivan the Terribles beloved wife Anastasia Romanovna, Where can I found more information about them?
Name: Jess Ibarra
Date: Thu, 26-Feb-2009 23:29
Subject: Abkhazia
There is a lack of information about the people of Abkhazia. Why is that?
Name: Michael Petrovich
Date: Thu, 19-Feb-2009 01:53
Subject: wonderful
My daughter has visited St. Petersburg and the southern Urals, in two trips Lucky youth! I hope someday to visit the many sites in the Finnish historical areas as well as more broadly in the Ural range. Until then, your site has made armchair travel a pleasure.
Name: Cynthia Barnes
Date: Sat, 07-Feb-2009 20:21
Subject: Russia The Great
An admitted Russophile, and proud of it, I find your Russia The Great website to be most interesting and detailed compendium of things Russian that I have ever had the good fortune to link up with on the internet. Please keep expanding it.
Name: Stepan
Date: Sat, 13-Dec-2008 18:07
Subject: Congratulations
And just why were you unhappy to see the end of the totalitarian, murderous, imperial and bankrupt USSR? From the nasty little Lenin until its demise the USSR was a blot on Russias proud history. And now the maffia is in control.
Name: Stuart
Date: Mon, 24-Nov-2008 09:22
Subject: Congratulations!
I have always admire your country, your culture, your people, your beautiful places! I was very sorry when the USSR disappeared! But now, I am very happy that under two strong, intelligent, and admirable presidents, Russia has become a strong country and has recovered its splendorous shine and power in this world. I think they are in the right place and they will help this world to be a better place and save it. Americans are stupid and they have a culture of fighting here and there! They have no roots, they have no culture; but I have to admit they are good at sports and that is all! So, intelligence must prevail and I think that Russia is spreading it all over the world. Please, delete all those stupid messages from your Guest Book! I cannot understand those who have nothing to say and the prefer to write stupidities than keep silence! I love Russia and I love your President Medvediev and your Prime Minister V Putin, also loved him when he was your president. Love from Mexico, Victoria
Name: Victoria-Rocio Nuez Farfan
Date: Thu, 11-Sep-2008 00:28
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