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Zhigunov S.V.

Zhigunov S.V.Zhigunov Sergey Viktorovich - Soviet and Russian actor, producer, the President of the cinema actors` guild, the deserved artist of Russia.

Sergey Zhigunov was born on January, 2, 1963 in Rostov-na-Donu.

Like many boys Sergey was fascinated with music, he was the member of one school ensemble, played the guitar and sang. Moreover he read much and with enthusiastic. The first book that he was interested in was "The History of Ancient Greece". Works by James Fenimore Cooper, Alexandre Dumas, O`Henry and Ernest Miller Hemingway made greate impression on him.

Zhigunov entered Schukin Theatre College in Moscow in 1980 but studied there for a very short period of time, he was expelled for wrighting poems and staring in films. Having returned to his native town he started playing in a Theatre of Young Spectators. In a year Sergey returned to Moscow, had been restored at Schukin Theatre College and graduated in 1986.

Since 1990 he became the Director of the Creative Association "Chance".

At the moment Sergey Zhigunov is married Anastasiya Zavorotnyuk, he has two daughters from the previouse marrage.

Filmography as actor
1. "Zvezda epokhi" (2005)
2."Moya prekrasnaya nyanya" (2004)
3.Poka ya ne umer (2001) (TV)
4."Pan ili propal" (1998) All Red
5.Printsessa na bobakh (1997) The Princess on a Bean
6."Koroleva Margo" (1996) Queen Margot
7.A vot i ya... (1993)
8.Rytsar Kennet (1993) Knight Kenneth
9.Richard lvinoye serdtse (1992) Richard the Lion-Hearted
10.Serdtsa tryokh (1992)
11.Sex skaska (1992) Sex Story
12.Vivat, gardemariny! (1991) Vivat, Naval Cadets!
13.Podzemelye vedm (1989) The Witches Cave
14.Poyezdka v Visbaden (1989) A Trip to Wiesbaden
15."Gardemariny, vperyod!" (1987) Naval Cadets, Go Ahead!
16.Po glavnoy ulitse s orkestrom (1986) Through Main Street with an Orchestra
17.Poslednyaya doroga (1986) The Last Road
18.Zaveshchaniye (1986) Testament
19.Vnimaniye! Vsem postam... (1985) Attention, All Posts!
20.Priznat vinovnym (1983) Plead Guilty

As producer:
1.Apocalypse Code (2007) (producer))
2.Vovochka (2002) (producer)
3.Poka ya ne umer (2001) (TV) (producer)
4."Chto skazal pokoynik" (2000) TV Series (producer) What Has the Deceased Said
5.Lunoi byl polon sad (2000) (producer) The Garden Was Full of Moon
6."Grafinya de Monsoro" (1998) TV Series (producer) The Countess of Monsoreau
7."Pan ili propal" (1998) TV Series (producer) All Red
8.Printsessa na bobakh (1997) (producer) The Princess on a Bean
9."Koroleva Margo" (1996) TV Series (producer) Queen Margot
10.Chyornyy kvadrat (1992) (producer) Black Square

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