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Invitations for foreign citizens

Since November 1, 2002, procedures of invitations for foreign citizens` legislation have changed. From now on, function of invitations` issuing by application of Russian judicial persons is transferred from department of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to department of territorial organs of Russian Ministry of Interior Affairs.

According to Federal law "About legal status of foreign citizens in Russian Federation", an invitation form for foreign citizens entering Russia is established.

Invitation for entering of Russia must contain following information:

Х Last and first names of the invited person, written in Russian and Latin alphabet
Х Date and year of birth
Х Sex
Х Citizenship
Х Country of permanent residence
Х Number and date of identifying personality documents` issue
Х Goal of trip
Х Supposable term of stay in Russian Federation
Х Supposable places of visit in Russian Federation
Х Name of inviting organization and its location or last and first names of inviting person and his address
Х Number and date of decision-making about invitation issue
Х Term of invitation

For Russian visa legislation one should present:

1. Passport xerocopy of person, who invites foreign citizen (pages with biographical particulars and photo).
2. Information about foreign citizen, who is invited:
Х First and last names (as in foreign passport);
Х Date of birth;
Х Citizenship;
Х Number of foreign passport and its term
3. Information about place or work of the invited foreign citizen:
Х Name and mail address of work;
Х Work status;
Х Work telephone and fax;
Х Information about company activity and specialization of the invited person (what company produces and what invited person does in this production).
4. Type of visa (single/multiple).
5. Term of stay in Russian Federation.
6. Which towns of Russian Federation will invited foreign citizen visit.
7. In which foreign consular office of Russian Federation will invited foreign citizen will get visa (country and town).

All questions about invitations` legislation and foreign citizens` registration can be answered by telephone: (095) 232-00-59, 252-74-46 и 252-75-05, e-mail:

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