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Foreign passports

Foreign passportsRussian president Vladimir Putin signed decree about introduction of foreign passports of new generation which contain information about passport owner on electronic data career from January 1, 2006.

According to decree Russian government charged to elaborate and submit the project of Federal law to State Duma within 3-month period. Government also must establish examples of forms and description of new foreign passports by November 1. From November 10, 2005 production of new foreign passport`s forms must be started. Cabinet of ministers must also inform foreign countries about new Russian foreign passports by January 1, 2006.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal migration service and its territorial organs located in Kalinigrad region, diplomatic representatives and consular offices of Russian Federation in Federal Republic of Germany and Lithuanian Republic are ordered to issue these documents from January 1, 2006 at request of Russian citizens.

Decree also established that Russian passport identifying personality of citizen outside territory of Russia, diplomatic passport and service passport of 1997 example are valid till their exchange by passports of new generation. This decree comes into force from the day of its official publication.

The introduction of new foreign passports follows the aiForeign passportsm to help Russian citizens in all cases when person has to identify its personality abroad, for example while applying for foreign visa.

Undertime for foreign passports` introduction established by Russian president is caused by transfer of the majority of developed countries such as USA, European Union countries, China and Japan to electronic passports within a year.

New Russian foreign passport will differ from current passport only by its title page which will be a plastic page a little bit wider than ordinary one. It will have passport information, photograph of passport owner and electronic chip inside this page will duplicate only graphic passport data and contain digital photo of a person. Passport production will cost less than $70 and will be valid for 10 years.

New foreign passports will operate along with old ones. The terms of their exchange are not limited. Exchange will be conducted gradually in a period necessary for all interested to change their foreign passports.

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