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Elets lace

Elets lace 	Elets lace is a kind of Russian lace tatted with bobbins, the centre of it is Elets city in Lipetskaya oblast. It is famous for its contrast of small graceful pattern (containing both vegetative and geometrical figures) and thin openwork background. In 1960 Elets manufacture was founded, which since1974 has been known as Industrial Association 'Elets lace'.

Elets lace has been known in Russia since the end of the 18th century. In one of the centres founded in Elets the Russians began to master the art, which had come to us from Europe. It is known that hundreds of people who lived 25 verst off Elets district began to master not an easy craft at the beginning of the last century already. At first masters used foreign patterns, but in the course of time craftsmen acquired their own style, which is characteristic of Elets lace nowadays.

The first time Europe saw wonderful Elets lace was in 1873 in the world-wide exhibition which took place in Vienna; the lace made by our masters drew everybody's attention and was highly estimated by experts. Elets lace received different awards, medals in the world-wide exhibitions which took place in Paris, Brussels, Montreal, Osaka. For the last ten years Elets beautiful lace has been exhibited in the 120 international exhibitions, every time causing everybody's admiration. And in 1994 in Moscow exhibition lace was awarded a golden medal. Traditionally they are sold both in Russia, CIS and in foreign countries.

The modern firm "Elets lace" consists of about one thousand of people who work in workshops, and craftsmen working atElets lace 	home. They use new decorative solutions and technological methods, but old traditions of bobbin lace tatting are not forgotten. Besides, best samples of Elets lace are kept both in collections of leading museums of folk art, and in private collections. Nowadays there are about 200 kinds of 'Elets lace". Among them there are things embroidered in stitch, produced in a special workshop, and separate things made by hand unique from the point of view of originality and the way of embroidery. By the way, Elets citizens tat lace to order. Lace was always in fashion. It is imperishable like any art. Would you resist beautiful, originally made up-to-date bed-clothes or decorating your clothes with wonderful lace? Such details as lace add some style and originality to our appearance. 'Elets lace' firm has many constant partners. The manufacture interests new business partners in their production both in Russia, and in foreign countries. They are always ready to listen to any business proposal.

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