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Eremeyev O. A.

Eremeyev O. A.Oleg Eremeyev is an active member of the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) art scene and is as well known as a painter of historical figures, portraits, landscapes, and of still life.

He was born in Leningrad on September 28, 1922 to a working class family. In 1930 he was placed into a school for gifted children and in 1938 he was accepted into the academy of art at Leningrad. His studies ended abruptly, however, in June of 1941 when he was called upon to enlist as the Great Civil war began.

After the war ended, he was able to return to his favorite occupation. Having completed his basic studies in 1951, he was then accepted into the masters program at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of the USSR Academy of Art.

He graduated with distinction in 1957 while studying under professor B.Ioganson where he subsequently earned the official title of "Artist of Painting". After graduation his student works were shown at a national art exhibition in the city of Moscow. These were well received and as a result, he was invited to join the Creative Studio of the USSR Academy of Art, where, during the next four years (1957- 1961) he became the principal artist in residence.

Since 1960 he has been an active member of the Leningrad organization of the Union of Artists of Russia. Teaching has always been a part of his creative life. Since he first began instructing in 1959 it has been his goal to transfer his knowledge and experience to younger artists. He has a long history at the Institute having worked his way up through the ranks as an assistant, a professor, faculty manager, and eventually the dean of the painting department. His abilities as an artist, an organizer, and and a public figure makes him an ideal director for a public art school.

From 1977 until 1990 he served as the Institute's deputy director and since 1990 he has served as its Director.

His titles include: The Deserved Figure of Arts of RSFSR (1981), as well as the most honorable National Artist of The Russian Federation (1994). He is also an elected correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Art, and current member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (1997).

The artist is widely educated. Having lived during extrordinary times, he creates art about both the present and the historical past of Russia.
He paints portraits of both cultural and artistic subjects. His subjects include working class people, open fields and landscapes and he is particularly fond of a place known as *Old Pskov*. He also travels extensively both at home and abroad including trips to Europe, America, India, China, Egypt, and other countries...

Ever since his student years, he has been a constant participant in both local, national and international art exhibitions. His art hangs not only in Russian museums but in foreign lands both near and far:

Museum of History, St. Petersburg;
Management of Exhibition of The Art Fund of Russian Federation Moscow;
Ministry of Culture of The Russian Federation, Moscow;
Murmansk Art Museum;
Karaganda Museum of Fine Art;
Sakhalin Art Gallery;
Museum Navoi in Tashkent;
Foundation of The Modern Art Museum in St. Petersburg;
Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan;
Galleries and private collections in America, Germany, China, and South Korea.

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