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Mylnikov A. A.

Mylnikov A. A.Andrei was born on February 22, 1919 in the city of Pokrovskoe, area of Saratov, into a family of engineers. In 1937 he studied at the Institute of Painting , Sculpture and Architecture of The All-Russian Academy of Art in the architectural department. He worked together with professors G.Kotov, Nikolsky and M. Rudnev. In 1940 he transferred to the painting faculty, where he was engaged working with V.Obolensky, P.Naumov and B.Fogel. From the beginning of The Great Domestic War he is at defensive works under Leningrad. He was awarded with several medals for his work "For the Defense of Leningrad". In 1942 is evacuated in Samarkand with Institute. In 1945 he begins pedagogical activity at the average art school at the institute. His shown degreed work "Oath of Baltic Sailors" is on display at the exhibition of degreed works of the institute. At this time he worked on above shown mosaics for The Palace of Advice (councils) in Moscow. He was also accepted in the Members of the Leningrad Organization of Union of the Artists of RSFSR. Since 1947 teaches in Institute. He was the assistant of I.Grabar, under who's direction he finished his PhD in 1948. Since 1948 during three years is by the main artist of creative workshop of Academy of art USSR. His elected by the member of a bureau and chairman of a bureau of section of painting Union of artists. He is awarded the state premium USSR in 1951 for a picture "On peace fields". In 1953 he was nominated as the manager by the faculty of painting and composition at the institute . Takes part in IV World festival of youth and students in Bucharest. In 1954-55 he worked on above shown mosaic panel "Abundance" for the "Vladimir" Leningrad underground station together with A.Koroljov. He is selected by the member of government of Union of the artists of RSFSR. He was awarded a silver medal for the painting "Awakening" in 1957. He authorized in a scientific rank of the professor. In 1960 he nominated by the chief of personal studio of monumental painting in Institute. He makes trip in USA and Italy. Finishes work above monumental work "V. Lenin" for Kremlin Palace of Congresses the following year. . His selected by the member - correspondent of Academy of art USSR on IX sessions of Academy. Finishes work on a list Leningrad theater TYS , panno "Children and Theatre", "Children and Knowledge. He honourable rank of the deserved figure of arts of RSFSR is appropriated in 1963. He is nominated as the chief of creative studio of monumental painting of Academy . He makes creative trip to the German Democratic Republic in 1965. He is a member of committee on award of the state premiums of RSFSR in the same year for 1969. His selected by the valid member of Academy of applied arts USSR in 1966 on XXIII sessions of Academy of art USSR. He is the honourable rank of the national artist of RSFSR is appropriated in 1968. He work of committee on award Lenin's and State premiums since 1969. In 1970 he is awarded by the diploma of ministerial Council for creative successes on IV Republican exhibitions . Creative trips to Spain and Yugoslavia in 1970. In 1975 he was awarded with the letter of senior Management of culture of the Leningrad executive committee for a picture "Farewell". His elected by the secretary of government of Union of the artists. In 1977 he have the state premium USSR for the painting "Farewell" is awarded. In 1978 he have the State premium of RSFSR for a mosaic panel for a memorial hall to the heroic defence counsels of Leningrad . He makes creative trip to Bulgaria and Hungary. In 1979 he was awarded with an award Lenin for merits in progress of fine art and in connection with 60-th from birthday. In 1981 he received the gold medal from the academy for "Spanish three-part painting" . He was awarded with a diploma for long-term and fruitful work on preparation highly skilled in the field of fine art. His selected by the secretary of government of Union of the artists of RSFSR on V congress of Union of the artists of RSFSR.

He participates in work of congress of artistMylnikov A. A.s of GDR and congress of the workers of culture of Finland. He is the chairman of council on a reconstruction of the Amber room at Ecaterina's Palace. In 1985 he was awarded with the anniversary medal "40 years of Victory in the Great Domestic War" . In 1987 his elected by the chairman of the Leningrad branch of the Soviet fund of culture. During many years he conducted the large public work, being by the member of council for the European safety. He was a member of the editorial staff of the magazines:"Artist", "The Young artist" and "Architecture and Construction of Leningrad".
Since 1987 he is the chairman of the St-Petersburg Fund of culture.

From 1989-1991 he is national deputy USSR. He is awarded with an award of Friendship of the peoples. In 1997 he was elected vice-president of the Russian Academy of Applied Arts in St.-Petersburg.
His paintings in collection of Russian State museum, Tretiakovskaya State gallery and meny other museums in Russia and foreign countrys.

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