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St. Petersburg Zoo

Numerous visitors of St. Petersburg Zoo find it attractive in any season.
In summertime beasts and birds from our collection, including tropical ones, are being demonstrated in various originally designed open-air cages. In winter heat-loving animals are being transferred to special heated buildings where they live until it becomes warm enough for them to return to their "summer residences". As to inhabitants of northern and medium latitudes, they usually spend wintertime in the same cages. This season makes animals with fluffy fur especially beautiful, thus it is the best time to admire our polar foxes, sables, martens, ermines and other fur-bearing animals, as well as deer, elks, aurochses, hares and squirrels. In spring or autumn these beasts and partly birds can't look as lovely because that is their natural period for shedding hair and feathers.

Spring is also the season when most our animals breed their posterity. Though considered to be very joyful by our young and adult visitors, this period is troublesome for both animals and zoo attendants. Anyhow, any new-born beast, nestling or reptile is being met in our Zoo as a precious addition to its collection of animals. On the whole, breeding and saving of animals, especially those belonging to rare species, is our main task. Those admiring bird singing are also invited to visit us in springtime when air is full of warbles of a unique birds chorus.

Terrarium is open for snake and lizard-lovers the whole year round. To our great regret, this department of the Zoo has no possibility to demonstrate venomous snakes as well as the largest specimens of pythons and boas, crocodiles and turtles - it lacks room for their exposition.

Our address: 1, Aleksandrovsky park, St. Petersburg, Russia

Transport: Metro Gorkovskaya Station; trams 6, 31, 63

Leningradsky Zoo is open for visitors the whole year round,
in summer 10 - 19 (daily)
in winter 10 - 17 (daily except Mondays).
Booking-office is being closed an hour earlier.

Tickets price: for children - US $, for adults - US $.

Scientific-elucidative department of Leningradsky Zoo organizes various review and subject excursions aimed for children and adults. Orders are to be done not later than in 3 days before the excursion date and require special payment. Number of persons in one group can't exceed 30.
Phone (812) 232 3145 (from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Our specialists do lecturing outside zoo, with demonstration of animals and slides. For exact paying terms as well as subjects of lectures please address lecturers. Phone (812) 232 3145 (from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Beginning from the 8th form, senior pupils are invited to join our Young Zoologists Society. Membership is free of charge, but in order to become a YZS member, it is necessary to pass special entrance examinations. For detailed information phone (812) 232 3145 (from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

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