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Stepashin S. V.

Stepashin S. V. Acting Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation
In June 1990, high-ranked militia officer Sergey Stepashin was elected people's deputy of the Russian Federation. He headed the commission on investigation of the KGB activities after the August 1991 coup. Stepashin worked in the Russian Supreme Council, but opposed the course of hard-liners in 1993 and supported President Yeltsin. In 1994-1995, Stepashin served as director of the Federal Counterintelligence Service and in 1995 as director of the Federal Security Service. He also held posts of justice and interior minister and on April 27, 1999, was appointed deputy prime minister in the government of Primakov.

On May 12, 1999, President Yeltsin fired the entire government of Primakov and appointed Stepashin acting prime minister. His candidature was confirmed by the State Duma at the first voting on May 19 (votes: 301 in favor, 55 against) and later that day Yeltsin signed a decree confirming Stepashin's appointment. The government existed for 82 days and was dismissed by Yeltsin on August 19. The reasons for dismissal were never announced but it was probably caused by Stepashin's inability to oppose the claims of Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov to the country's leadership and inadequate response to the invasion of Chechen guerillas into Dagestan as well as promotion of Yeltsin's hand-picked successor, Vladimir Putin.

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