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Orlov-Denisov V. I.

Orlov-Denisov V. I.General of Cavalry, Count (Graf)
Vasily Vasilievich Orlov-Denisov was a Don Cossack's son and began his military service in the age of 18 in his father's regiment.
He was married the single daughter of Count (Graf) Denisov.
In the campaigns of 1805 - 1807 years he commanded a squadron of the Leib-Guards Cossack regiment took part in the main parts of battles and distinguished himself in the battle of Fridland.
In 1808 he commanded the Leib-Guards Cossack regiment and took part in the Russian-Swedish war.
In the campaign of 1812 years Orlov-Denisov commanded the Leib-Guards Cossack regiment in the 1-st Westrn army of Barclay de Tolly.The cossacks of Orlov-Denisov were the first who met the Napoleonic troops on the river Niemen banks near the town Kovno. He with his regiment took part in the battles of Vitebsk, Valutina hill, Smolensk and Borodino.
Orlov-Denisov's regiment distinguished especially in the battle at the river Chernishna near Tarutino on October,6 (18). General Bennigsen in his report about the Tarutino battle wrote:
" Orlov-Denisov acted in the bravest and brightest way.
His courage does credit to the Russian arms."
Orlov-Denisov also took part in the operation at the Liakhovo village on October,28 (November,9) during that a French column 2 thousands in number was surrounded by partisan detachments under Davidov, Seslavin and Figner and capitulated.
In the battle of Leipzig in 1813 he acted very successfully and struck into the flank of the French cavalry.
After the war in 1824 Orlov-Denisov was appointed the commander on th 5-th Reserve Cavalry Corps.
In 1827 he retired, but in 1828 he returned to military service again and during the war against Turkey he was in the Emperor's Headquarter.

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