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Kosygin A.

Kosygin A.Kosygin Alexey Nikolaevich was born in 1904 in St. Petersburg. His biography can be described as following:

1919: Enlists in Red Army
1921: Enters Petrograd Cooperative Technical School
1924: Sent to Siberia to work in system of consumers' cooperatives
1927: Becomes member of Party
1930: Returns to Leningrad, enters Leningrad Textile Institute
1935: Goes to work at Leningrad's Zheliabov factory as a foreman, then shop or section chief
1937: Made director of October Textile Factory in Leningrad
1938: Made head of the industrial-transport department, Leningrad Obkom
1938: Made Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad Soviet
1939 March: Made member of Central Committee
1939: Made Peoples Commisar (Minister) of Textile Industry
1940: Named Deputy Chairman of the Soviet of Peoples Commisars
1941-42: Deputy Chairman of the Soviet for Evacuation; evacuates plants and factories to eastern USSR
1941-42, winter: In surrounded and starving Leningrad as representative of State Defense Committee; worked to supply city as well as evacuate people and factories
1943-46: Serves as Chairman of the Soviet of Peoples Commisars for Russian Republic (retains post as Deputy Chairman of USSR Soviet of Peoples Commisars)
1946: Elected Candidate Member of Politburo
1948-52: Full member of Politburo; Deputy Chairman of Soviet of Ministers; Minister of Light Industry; Minister of Finances (1948 only)
1952 October: Made Candidate Member of Presidum of the Communist Party
1953: Following Stalin's death, is removed from Presidum, but remains Deputy Chairman of the Soviet of Ministers
1953-1960: Minister of Light and Food Industry; then Minister of Items of Wide Demand (tovar shirokogo potrebleniya); 1st Deputy Chairman of State Economic Commission; 1st Deputy Chairman of Gosplan; Chairman of Gosplan
1957 June: After attempt by Presidum to oust Khrushchev, fails, Kosygin named candidate member of Presidium.
1960: Made 1st Deputy Chairman of the Soviet of Ministers
1960: Made full member of Presidium of CC.
1964: Following removal of Khrushchev, becomes Chairman of the Soviet of Ministers USSR
1966 January: Acts as mediator in Indian-Pakistan negotiations in Tashkent
1969: Carrries on talks with West Germany concerning Germany's new "Eastern Policy", an important predecessor to detente
1969: Meets Chou En Lai in Beijing
1980: Dies
1981 February 10: Gets named after him: Kamishinsky Cotton Industrial Complex in Volgagradskaya Oblast, the Moscow Textile Institute, and the Arkhangel Middle School (Krasnogorsky raion, Moscow oblast). Plaques in his honor placed at October Textile Factory in Leningrad where he was director, at the Kirov Textile and Light Industry Institute in Leningrad where he studied, and at his home in Moscow (No. 3 Granovskaya Street). Decision also taken to name new streets in Moscow and Leningrad after him, as well as a merchant ship.

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