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Kireyev O.

Kireyev O.Saxophonist and composer Oleg Kireyev's career in jazz launched in 1984, when he started playing with his own band called ORLAN in his native city of Ufa (say [Oofa'h]), the capital of the Bashkortostan Autonomy in the Urals Region, Central Russia. Soon the band started touring all over the country and abroad. Oleg also took part in dozens of jazz festival in Russia and Europe as a soloist.
In 1989, Soviet record label Melodia released six Oleg's original compositions on a LP called "Bashkir Legends". Late 80s and early 90s were the time when travelling abroad Russia became more easy for Russians. Oleg travelled all over Europe and stayed for a couple of years in Poland, the jazziest country of Eastern Europe.
After returning to Russia in 1994, Oleg has recorded a solo tape album called "Romantic". That same year he was invited by the famous Seattle sax hero Bud Shank to study jazz in United States. While in the U.S., Oleg also took part in the Seattle Jazz Festival, playing together with Hal Galper, Dave Pack, Steve Ellington and other noted musicians.
In the early 1995, Polish record label Gobi Records released Oleg's first-ever CD called "Song For Sonny" (since then, it was re-released in Russia by a local label in Ufa). Band members included well-known Polish lazz artists Joachim Mencel (keyboards) and Kasimier Jonkinsh (drums). Bass player Arkady Ovrutsky from Moscow completed the band.
In 1996, Oleg Kireyev Quartet performed at the 30th International Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland, where he was awarded Outstanding Performance certificate.
In 1997, Oleg was invited to Great Britain to participate as a special guest in the Birmangham Jazz Festival. Oleg played together with Ray Alexander's Group (USA), Andy Hamilton (U.K.) and the Happy Seals (France). Later that year in London, Oleg took part in the Ealing Jazz Festival and performed at several clubs with the likes of Dick Pierce, Jean Tuasson and the late Bill Skeat. After completion of his London gigs, Oleg toured Midland cities, playing lead with various groups, from trios to combos. While in the U.K., Oleg composed the concert "Life In England".
Back home in Russia, Oleg actively collaborates with Russian national jazz stars, such as piano virtuoso Daniel Kramer, guitar master Alexey Kuznetsov, brilliant jazz pianist Gregory Fine etc. He continues to play jazz festivals throughout Russia, as well as in Poland, Finland, France, Britain and the USA.
Since 1999, Oleg collabvorates with American sax colleague Mike Ellis. In late 1999, they toured together several major cities of Russia, including Oleg's native Ufa.
Since 2000, Oleg participates in The Second Approach Project led by piano player and composer Andrey Razin. This collaboration has gained positive press reviews and was among the hottest news of Russian festival scene of 2000.

phone/fax: +7(095)342-8027

The Orlan Group Led By Oleg Kireyev (Melodia, 1989, LP)

Bashkir Legends
1. Abdrahman
2. Karabay
3. Singing Reed
4. Bashkir Rural Blues
5. Sabantuy (Countryside Jubilee)
6. Snowy April

Romantic (tape)
1. The Days Of Win And Roses (G. Mancini)
2. Meditation (A. C. Jobim)
3. Sweet Woman (O. Kirejev)
4. Love For Sale (C. Porter)
5. I Love You (C. Porter)
6. Romantic (O. Kirejev)
7. Autumn Leaves (J. Kosma)
8. My Secret Love (S. Fain)Kireyev O.
9. Beautiful Love (V. Young)
10.Au Privave (Ch. Parker)

Oleg Kirejev - tenor saxophone
Alexander Sokolov - guitar
Sergei Oskin - bass
Staniclav Touleshov - drums

Recorded: 15-17 February 1994, studio "Wave"

Song For Sonny (CD)
Landy Star/ Jazzland-Russian Series, 2000
1. Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Jimmy Van Heusen)
2. As Time Goes By (Hermann Hupfeld)
3. Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobin)
4. You Don't Know What Love Is (Dan Raye & Gene de Paul)
5. Secret Love (Fain / Webster)
6. I Thought About You (Johnny Mercer / Jimmy Van Heusen)
7. Tenor Madness (Sonny Rollins)
8. Song For Sonny (Oleg Kirejev)

Oleg Kirejev - tenor sax, soprano sax
Joachim Mencel - piano
Arkadi Ovrutski - bass guitar
Kazimierz Jonkiesz - drums
Recorded: March 14-15, 1995, Studio Buffo, Warsaw, Poland

Love Letters (CD)
Landy Star, 2000
1. Prelude
2. Night Flights
3. Dance Under The Water
4. Where Are You
5. O Mama Mia
6. Love
7. Somewhere
8. Every Day We Say Goodbye

Oleg Kireyev - saxes, keyboards
Vladimir Belov - vocal (1)
Andrey Vashkevich - keyboards
Alexander Vinitsky - guitar
Recorded: 2000, Moscow

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