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Fine G.

Fine G.Pianist Gregory Fine was born 22 July 1949, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. One of the more experienced, high-educated and brilliant pianists of Russia.
Gregory started to play jazz music aged 6 in his father's dance band in Gorky City (Soviet name for Nizhny Novgorod, the old name has been returned in 1991). From his childhood Gregory had a passion to dance music, to dancing rhythms and to dancing. In his youth he studied in dance school, in skating school and in ballet school at the same time. And, of course, like every average musician in Russia, he studied in a music school, then graduated from a music college, and then from one of the best Russia's music conservatories named after Gnessins (now Gnessins Russian Academy of Music, Moscow).
In 1967, aged 17, he won 1st prize on Dmitry Kabalevsky Piano competition of young pianists in Kuibyshev City (now this city's old name, Samara, is returned to it). Since 1974 Gregory Fine's family lives in Samara.
After graduating from Gnessins Academy, Gregory has started his jazz career in Samara City where he became soloist of Samara State Philharmonics.
Aged 15, Gregory first heard Canadian pianist Oscar Peterson who became his lifelong musical idol. Since this time, he dreamed to create his own trio and play jazz music in style close to his idol.
Despite of official semi-prohibition to play jazz in former Soviet Union, in late 70s Gregory has received official permission to play two-set solo concerts in the whole Philharmonic system of the USSR. In next ten years, he has toured all 15 republics of the USSR including Polar North region, Far East region and Siberia.
Gregory's first LP, "Fascinating Rhythm", has been released by Soviet record monopoly Melodia in 1989. The same year, aged 40, Gregory has first played abroad. He toured Sweden, Belgium (there he made a record for BRT label at "The Sugar Village Jazz Club" and played at Juul Anthonissen's "Heist op den Berg" club), Canada (where he played at Montreal Jazz Festival and has recorded an album in Montreal with Canadian rhythm section) and Wales (UK).
In Samara city which has a population over 1.500.000, Gregory hosts PhilharmonicFine G. concert series called "Solo, trio, with a Band". Gregory Fine trio and his friends play there 6-8 concerts per season.
Gregory Fine is not only a performer. Many of his musical scores were issued in Russia, for example, "Jazz album for children and adults", "Red Hat" musical, as well as songs for combo and for big bands.
Gregory's discography contains also CD "Road to Mississauga" (tribute to Oscar Peterson, released 1997, Soyuz Records, Russia) - and a LP "Nighttime" ("Aprelevka Sound", 1993).
Since 1999, Gregory Fine has started to teach Art of jazz improvisation in several Russian music colleges.

For Gregory Fine, Jazz is music of Freedom.

Gregory Fine currently performs in Sweden with Swedish rhythm section (Tranas, Vadstena and other towns).

In 1998, Gregory made a record in London with Martin Drew on drums and Len Skeat on bass. In 1999, this album has been released in Moscow on Boheme Music label ("Happy Bluesday", BMR 901032).


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