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Kozlov A.

Kozlov A.Saxophonist, bandleader, composer,
one of Russia's leading jazz musicians

The personality of Alexey Kozlov, born October 10, 1935 in Moscow, Russia, as of typical representative of "cultural underground" at Stalin-Brezhnev times, is described in chapter seven of Hedrick Smith's well-known book "The Russians". Frederick Starr speaks about Alexey Kozlov in his book "Red and Hot". His name is encounted in "The International Who's Who"( Europe Publications Ltd., London), in a number of European Jazz lexicons (Denmark, Poland, Czechoslovakia), in Soviet Musical Encyclopaedia and in Big Soviet Encyclopaedia (v.8, article "Jazz").
In early 70s, Kozlov has created "Arsenal" band, which became one of the most popular jazz rock groups in the Soviet Union. Arsenal's participation in tours and festivals worldwide has made Alexey Kozlov and his music internationally known. In past ten years six Arsenal LPs and two CDs have been released in the USSR and Russia. One of those, "Created with our own hands" (Melodiya, 1982) has been released in the U.S. (East Wind Records). Since 1986, Kozlov has become a regular host of TV and radio programs on jazz and rock history; in 1989 he published in Moscow "Rock Music: Roots and Development", Russia's first-ever book on western Rock written not by a Communist Party member.
In August, 1990, Kozlov took part in International Theatre Festival in Woodstock (USA) as a composer and performer in the play "Jazzman". In June 1993, Kozlov played on the "Jazz Rally" Festival in Dusseldorf, and toured with chamber orchestra "Moscow Soloists" of Yury Bashmet in France and Germany. In February, 1994, Kozlov was invited as a jazz clinician to Jazz Department of Oklahoma City University and played with local musicians at Methodist Churches of State. In March-April 1995 Kozlov with Arsenal band and Georgian singer Tamara Gverdtsitely was on tour around USA and played at Carnegie Hall.
Kozlov is presently composing in New Age and Neo-Classic style. He works in his own PC MIDI Studio. As performer he works with renewed Arsenal band which has gained 1995's Ovation Awards in Russia as Russia's best Jazz group in. Alexey Kozlov's latest program is called New Chamber Music (with the world renown Shostakovich String Quartet). Kozlov also plays in a duo ( plus acoustic piano, keyboards) with a program based on Classical music and Modern Jazz and also with his ARS Nova Trio, in a style that he calls "New Emotional Music".
Alexey Kozlov and the Shostakovich String Quartet: NEW CD
Sound clips of Kozlov's Arsenal (from: "Scorched By Time, 1977-91", 4 CD box, Boheme Music, 1998)
Dangerous Game
Ebony Tower
Light On The Way
Suite In F
Second Wind
Provincial Tango
Silver Blues
Giant Footprints
Nearly all Alexey Kozlov records with Arsenal (1977-1991) have been reissued in a 4-CD compilation "Scorched By Time" on Moscow's only jazz label, Boheme Music. Those CDs may be ordered directly from Boheme Music or, if you live outside of Russia, from Boheme International (Prague, Czech Republic).


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