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Extra Trio Plus

Extra Trio PlusThe EXTRA TRIO PLUS jazz ensemble was founded in 1997 in St. Petersburg and very rapidly made its mark on the cultural life of the city. The "trio" consists of alto saxophone, double-bass and drums, "plus" the-piano The ensemble's leader is saxophonist Eugene Strigalev, whose compositions form a large part of the group's repertoire. Whilst EXTRA TRIO PLUS's style of playing is in the best traditions of 1950s-60s American jazz, the group's re-working of jazz standards gives voice to a distinct and individual St. Petersburg sound. Virtuosic improvisation, harmonic inventiveness, excellent swing and a clear melodic line typical of Russian culture - these are the qualities that have allowed the young ensemble to impress audiences and critics alike.
Eugene STRIGALEV (1977) - alto saxophone player whose debut took place at the Kvadrat Jazz Club. Strigalev's teacher was the legendary Russian jazz saxophonist Gennady Golstein, and at an early age Eugene won a number of prestigious prizes and festival awards. His greatest influences are Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins, and also Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk.

Alexander MASHIN (1976) - drummer who has been performing since the age of 14, first with traditional jazz bands, moving on to more contemporary styles later. Since 1995 he has bExtra Trio Pluseen a member of the Igor Butman quartet, and in recent years he has taken part in several festivals in Russia and Europe (Germany, Norway, Austria). Mashin is now one of Russia's most popular drummers. He has performed with David Goloschokin, Andrei Kondakov, also with Benny Golson, Andy Lavern, and Paul Bollenbeck.

Gregory VOSKOBOYNIK (1970) - double-bass, currently studies at the St. Petersburg Conservatory and is known equally well as a classical and a jazz rnusician. He has played under Yury Temirkanov and Mstislav Rostropovitch, and at the same time is well known to the Leningrad Dixieland band and all St. Petersburg jazz musicians.

Nikolay SIZOV (1971) - one of the best known jazz pianists of the city, widely considered as one of the "Stars of Petersburg Jazz". Recipient of many festival awards and with a stunning knowledge of contemporary jazz forms, Sizov displays a consumate mastery of the instrument and a compositional and structured approach to jazz improvisation.

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