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EvenkiaEvenkia, ever young northern beauty, is incomparable charmer of virgin nature. This is the place of living for scanty nation of Russia - Evenks. In this expansive land, where open plains stretch right up to the skyline, the mercury column oscillates over the hundred degrees' scale during the year-time. In hard frost of winter everything is coloured in white-blue, but summer reveals red basalts of ancient mountains, dark green cover of taiga, blue eyes of lakes, playing with inimitable tints patterns of thousands of rivers and rivulets full of "living silver" - white salmons, graylings, sigs and loaches.

To ramble in this marvellous place is the dream of every traveller.Evenkia One can amass a rich collection of minerals: bluish-grey agate, graphite familiar from childhood as a pencil lead, bright-motley jasper...

In preserved wilderness of taiga live squirrels and sables, ermines and Siberian weasels, white hares and foxes, permanent visitors of shooting-boxes - brown bears. But the special pride of the region, its distinctive visiting card, are the reindeers and the mighty master of north forests - the elk. They provide Evenks with food and splendid furry clothes, they serve as the most popular transport. And although often motor-sledge, aircrafts and helicopters intrude into the life of local inhabitants deers remain irreplaceable friends.

The most vivid and deep impressions from Evenkia retain after meeting with indigenous people. DrastiEvenkiac laws of the stern nothern nature generate conditions in which it is impossible to survive without such personal qualities as open-heartedness and unfeigned concern. Whoever you may be, here you will be offered warmth of fire and food without being expected anything in return. That is the custom.

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