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Maiminsky Region

Maiminsky RegionSituated in the north of the Republic, Maiminsky Region is considered to be one of the most perspective regions in regards of its recreational development; there are several tourist and recreation centers, as well as numerous places for "non-organized tourism", along river-coasts, in particular. The region is quite popular due to bordering on the Altai Region, due to its well-developed transportation network and one of the most developed infrastructures as compared to the other regions of the Republic.
Touristically, the Maiminsky Region is one of the most attractive for "non-organized tourism" and consequently, it is the region most subjected to ecological contamination.
A fine Altaian cuisine restaurant "Merkit" is situated not far from the village of Maima. Also, Museum of Kazakh culture (ail), situated near the bridge to the Aya Lake, is of interest. One could visit V.Y. Shishkov's monument (116th km of the Tchuisky Highway), or go the Lake Manzherok, mineral spring Arzhan-Suu, to Taldinskiye Caves or visit the archeological monument near the village of Souzga - the site "Souzga".
The climate of the Region is continental. Precipitation amount equals 800 mm, with more than 300 mm of it falling in summertime. South-eastern and north-western winds prevail.
V. Maima - the center of Maiminsky Region - is situated 10 km northward from Gorno-Altaisk and is connected with the capital by an asphalt motor road. Petrol stations are situated in v. Maima, v. Rybalka, v. Manzherok. In Maima there is also a technical maintenance station.
Today there is a numbeMaiminsky Regionr of tourist and recreational centers on the territory of the Region.
Recreational center "Kiwi-Lodge" is situated on the coast of the Katun River near the village of Souzga, 30 km away from Gorno-Altaisk. The complex includes a 3* hotel, a summer camping on two islands
Tourist complex "Manzherok" is situated in the village of Manzherok in a pine forest on the coast of the Katun River. It is a two-storeyed cottage and a tent camping.
There is a Kazakh Culture Museum in the Region, near the Aya Lake. Experienced instructors work at the tourist center "Manzherok" and carry out rafting; in winters one is offered excursions, skiing, sledging, as well as hiking, horse-riding, water and automobile routs to any taste.
Tourist base "The Katun Crown" offers rafting down the Katun, excursions to the Kamyshinsky Waterfall, to Tavdinskiye Caves, to Lake Manzherok, to Holy Spring Arzhan-Suu; a diverse sports and cultural program. Souvenirs, wood articles may be bought at the Holy Spring Arzhan-Suu.

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