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Khankaysk Reserve

Khankaysk ReserveKhankaysk National Natural Reserve is located in the southern part of Primorsky Krai. It includes unique water-and-marsh lands and Lake of Khanka with the area of 4190 square metres. Lake Khanka is the largest water reservoir in the Far East of Russia, which is registered in "The List of Water-and-Marsh Lands" of international importance.

330 species of birds are Khankaysk Reservemet here, including the most beautiful and rare: Far East white stork, Daursky and Japanese cranes. In peaks of migration seasons (April and October) the reserve is populated by more than two million birds.

Beautiful Komarov's lotus grows in Khanka Lake, which blossoms cover the lake's surface in July. 74 fish species and other unique water animals, such as, Far East turtle live in the Khanka.

Khanka Lake is situated on the border line between Russia and China. Since it represents a vivid interest for both countries, a ring tourist route around the lake is being now developed. The route will give a good chance for tourists to get acquainted with two cultures at once.

There is a zoological nursery for Amur tigers near the reserve, where a well-known scientist V.G. Yudin works. He studies tigers, their mutual relations, peculiarities of propagation and dietary habits, also he organizes excursions for visitors.

Address: 4, Svobodny Lane, Spassk-Dalny, Spassky Region, Russia, 692240

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