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Ancient Russia (V-XII centuries)

VI-IX c. - Formation of Eastern Slavs tribes unions.
IX - Creation of early-state associations of Eastern Slavs in the area of the Dnepr and the lake Ilmen.
860 y. - Collective sea campaign of Dnepr Slavs and Varangians against Constantinople (Tsargrad)
862-879 y. - The reign of Rurik in Novgorod
862-882 y. - The reign of Princes Askold and Dir in Kiev.
882-912 y. - The reign of Oleg in Kiev.
907 y. - The campaign of Oleg against Constantinople. The first agreement between Russia and Byzantine Empire about friendly relations, norms of international trade and seafaring.
911 y. - The second agreement between Russia and Byzantine Empire.
912-945 y. - The reign of Igor in Kiev.
941 y. - The first campaign of Prince Igor against Constantinople, which failed.
944 y. - The second campaign of Prince Igor against Constantinople. The agreement between Rus and Byzantine Empire (Rus lost the right of duty-free trade and was obliged to help protecting neighboring territories of Byzantine Empire).
945-969 y. - The reign of Princess Olga in Kiev (after assassination of her husband Prince Igor by the Drevlyans)
945-972(973) y. -The reign of Svyatoslav Igorevich in Kiev.
About 957 y. - Olga's delegation to Constantinople. Her adoption of Christianity (under the name of Elena).
965 y. - The defeat of Khazars caganat (on the lower Volga) by Prince Svyatoslav. Setting control over the trade way Volga - the Caspian sea.
968-971 y. - Svyatoslav's campaigns against Danube Bulgaria. The wars with Byzantine Empire and the Pechenegs.
968(969) y. - The defeat of the Pechenegs near Kiev.
971 y. - The agreement between Russia and Byzantine Empire.
972(973)-980y. - Civil strives in Kiev after assassination of Prince Svyatoslav by the Pechenegs.
980-1015 y. - The reign of Vladimir I Svyatoslavich in Kiev.980 y. - Creation of the united pantheon of Pagan Gods in Kiev.
985 y. - The campaign of Prince Vladimir against Volga Bulgars.
988-989 y. - Christening of Russia.
990s - Building the Church of Assumption of the Virgin (the Desyatinnaya Church).
1015-1019y. - Intestine wars between Vladimir's I sons for the Grand Prince 's throne.
1016-1018, 1019-1054 y. - The reign of Yaroslav Vladimirovich the Wise in Kiev. Drawing up the code of laws 'Law of Yaroslav' - the most ancient part of 'Russian Law'
1024 y. - The rise in Rostov-Suzdal lands; suppressed by Prince Yaroslav.
1024 - Division of Rus between Yaroslav the Wise and his brother Mstislav by the Dnepr - the right bank with Kiev passed to Svyatoslav, the left bank with Chernigov passed to Mstislav.
1030-1035 y. - Building the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior in Chernigov.
1036 y. - The win of Yaroslav the Wise over the Pechenegs, which provided peace for Russia for the next 25 years (until the Polovets coming)
1037-1041 y. - Building Sophia's Cathedral in Kiev.
1045-1050 y. - Building Sophia's Cathedral in Novgorod.
1051 y. - Assigning Ilarion - the author of 'Sermon on Law and Grace' - to the Metropolitan Chair in Kiev. Foundation of Pechorskaya Monastery by the hermit Antoniy in Kiev
1054 - The reign of Isyaslav Yaroslavich in Kiev. Drawing up the 'Law of Yaroslaviches' - the second part of 'Russian Law'.
1068 - The foray of the Polovets to Rus. The Campaign of Russian Princes (Yaroslaviches) against the Polovets and their defeat near the river Alta. The rise of townspeople in Kiev. The flight of Isyaslav to Poland.
About 1071 - Rises in Novgorod and Rostov-Suzdal land.
1072 - Carrying the relics of Princes Boris and Gleb (Vladimir's I sons), assassinated by the associates of Prince Svyatopolk to the new Church in Vyshgorod ; they become the first Russian Saints.
1073 - Banishing Prince Isyaslav from Kiev.
1093 - The defeat of Princes Svyatopolk and Vladimir Vsevolodovich Monomah in the battle with the Polovets near the river Stugna.
1096 - The win of Prince Svyatopolk over the Polovets in the battle of Pereyaslavl.
1097 - The convention of Princes in Lubech.
1103 - Dolobsk convention of Russian Princes on preparation of the campaign against the Polovets.
1103 - The campaign of Princes Svyatopolk and Vladimir Monomah against the Polovets.
1108 - Founding Vladimir-on-Clyasma by Vladimir Vsevolodovich.
1111 - The campaign of Russian Princes against the Polovets.
1113 - The rise against usurers in Kiev. Calling up Prince Vladimir II Vsevolodovich.
1113-1125 - The reign of Vladimir II Vsevolodovich Monomah in Kiev. Strengthening the authority of the Grand Prince. Issuing 'Rules of Vladimir Monomah '; limiting usury.
1116 - The win of Prince Vladimir II over the Polovets.
1125-1132 - The reign of Mstislav Vladimirovich in Kiev.
1132-1139 - The reign of Yaropolk Vladimirovich in Kiev.
1135-1136 - Disturbances in Novgorod. Banishing Prince Vsevolod Mstislavich according to the decision of veche. Strengthening of 'Boyar republic' and the principle of calling the prince.
1139-1146 - The reign of Vsevolod Olgovich in Kiev.
1147 - The first mention of Moscow in chronicles.
1149-1151, 1155-1157 - The reign of Yuri Vladimirovich Dolgoruky in Kiev.
1155 - Andrey Yurievich's (Bogolubsky) leaving Kiev for Rostov-Suzdal land.
1157-1174 - The reign of Andrey Bogolubsky in Rostov-Suzdal land.
1168 - The campaign of Russian Princes against the Polovets.
1169 - Taking and plundering Kiev by the host of Andrey Bogolubsky.
1174 - Assassination of Andrey Bogolubsky by boyars-plotters.
1174-1176 - Intestine strives and rises in Vladimir-Suzdal land.
1176-1212 - The reign of Vsevolod Yurievich (the Bolshoe Gnezdo - the Big Nest) - the brother of Prince Andrey Bogolubsky - in Vladimir-Suzdal land.
1185 - The unsuccessful campaign of Novgorod-Seversk Prince Igor against the Polovets, which became the subject of 'Word about Igor's Regiment' - the ancient masterpiece of Russian literature.
1190 - Trade agreements between Novgorod and German Hanse cities.
1199 - The formation of Galich-Volyn Principality.

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