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About 1500 - Composing 'The Tale about Princes of Vladimir' with groundings of the ruling dynasty (the Rurikoviches) springing from the Rome Emperor August.
1503 - The polemics between Nil Sorsky (died in 1508) and Josef Volotsky (died in 1515)
1503 - 10-year armistice between Ivan III and Grand Prince of Lithuania Alexander Kasemirovich. The Moscow State was assigned Chernigov, Bryansk, Putivl, Gomel and a part of Smolensk lands.
1505-1533 - The reign of Vasiliy III.
1505-1516 - Building of Archangelsk Cathedral and fortifications of Moscow Kremlin by Alevis Fryasin (the New).
December 3, 1564 - Ivan's IV departure from Moscow to Alexandrovskaya Sloboda.
February 2, 1565 - The Tsar's return to Moscow. Establishing of Oprichnina (special administrative elite).
June 1566 - Signing the armistice between the Tsar Ivan IV and Poland King Sigizmund II August.
December 1569 - February 1570 - The campaign of Ivan IV to Novgorod and Pskov.
January, 1571 - The first Russian military regulations - 'Code of Stanitsa Service'
May 1571 - The campaign of the Crimean khan Devlet-Girey against Moscow. Burning of Moscow.
May 1571 - Cessation of paying the tribute to the Tsar Ivan IV by the Siberian khan Kuchum.
1572 - Abolishing Oprichnina.
January-March, 1577 - The start of Russian forces operating against Sweden.
July 1579 - Invasion of Sweden forces in Novgorod lands.
July 1579 - Declaring war to Russia by the king of Rzeczpospolita Stephan Batory.
August 30, 1579 - Taking Plotsk by Poland forces.
The end of 1570s - The beginning of 1580s - The campaign of Yermak Timofeyevich to Siberia.
1589 - 'The Code of Laws' by the Tsar Theodore Ivanovich.
1590-1593 - The war with Sweden. Taking back the fortresses Ivangorod, Yam, Coporie.
May 15, 1591 - Death of the younger son of Ivan IV tsarevich Dmitry in Uglich.
Summer, 1591 - The campaign of the Crimean khan Khasa-Girey against Moscow. The battle near Danilov Monastery (near Moscow). Retreat of Tatar forces.
1605-1606 - The reign of Pseudo-Dmitry I.
1605-1606 - The Patriarchate of Ignatiy.
May 17, 1606 - The rise against the Pole in Moscow. Assassination of Pseudo-Dmitry I.
1606-1610 - The reign of Vasiliy IV Shuisky.
1606-1607 - The rise of Peasants under the leadership of I.I. Bolotnikov.
1606-1612 - Patriarchate of Germogen.
October-December, 1606 - The siege laid to Moscow by Bolotnikov's host. The defeat of the Bolotnikov's host near Kolomenskoye near Moscow (December 2).
March 9, 1907 - 'The Code' by the Tsar Vasiliy Shuisky. Establishing the 15-year period of searching of serfs-fugitives.
October 10, 1607 - Taking Tula by the forces of Vasiliy Shuisky. Arresting Bolotnikov (exiled to Kargople, drowned).
1608 - The start of the campaign of Pseudo-Dmitry against Moscow. Creation of 'Tushino camp'.
September 1608 - January 1610 - The siege laid to Trinity-Sergius monastery by the Polish forces.
1609-1611 - The siege laid to Smolensk by the Polish forces.
1609-1618 - Poland-Sweden invasion into Russia.
December 1609 - Flight of Pseudo-Dmitry to Kaluga.
1610-1613 - The reign of 'the Seven boyars' under the leadership of Prince Mstislavsky.
September 1610 - Entering Moscow by the Polish forces.
January-February 1611 - Forming the first militia against Polish forces led by P. Lyapunov.
March 1611 - The rise against the Polish forces in Moscow. The fire in Moscow.
July 1611 - Taking Novgorod by the Swedish forces.
July 1611- Break-up of the first militia.
September-October 1611 - Forming the second militia, led by Kusma Minin and Prince D.M. Pozharsky in Nizhny Novgorod.
April 1612 - Establishing 'The Council of all the lands'(temporary Russian government).
October 26, 1612 - Entering Moscow by the second militia. Capitulation of the Polish Garrison in Kremlin.
1643-1651 - The marches of V.Poyarkov and E. Habarov across the Amur.
1645-1676 - The reign of Aleksey Mikhailovich.
1652-1658, 1667 - The Patriarchate of Nikon.
1652 - Establishing the government monopoly of the vodka trade.
1653 - The beginning of The Church reform by patriarch Nikon.
January 8-9, 1654 - Pereyaslavl Rada (Council). Annexation of Ukraine to Russia.
1654-1667 - The Russia-Poland war.
1656-1658 - The Russia-Sweden war.
1661 - Founding Irkutsk.
June 21, 1661 - The Kardis peace treaty with Sweden.
June 25-26, 1662 - 'Copper' riot in Moscow.
1663-1664 - The rises in Siberia and Bashkiria.
1666 - Establishing the Post Service in Russia.
1666-1667 - The Church Assembly. Convicting Nikon, retiring him from the post of patriarch.
1667-1672 - The Patriarchate of Josef II.
January 30, 1667 - the Andrus armistice with Rzeczpospolita. Taking Smolensk and Chernigov lands back to Russia.
1668-1676 - The rise in Solovets Monastery (Solovets sitting).
1670-1671 - The Peasants-Cossacks rise under the leadership of S.Razin (executed on May, 26, 1671)
1672-1673 - The Patriarchate of Pitirim.
1674-1690 - The Patriarchate of Joachim.
1676-1681 - The war between Russia and Turkey and the Crimean khanate.
1676-1682 - The reign of Theodore Alekseyevich.
1679 - Establishing the hearth tax.
1695, 1696 - Asov campaigns of Peter I. Taking Asov (July 19, 1696)
1696-1725 - The individual reign of Peter I (after the death of the tsar Ivan V).
1697-1698 - 'The Great Embassy' of Peter I to Europe.
1698 - The Strelets' Rising. Mass execution of strelets.
August 19 1698 - Peter's Decree prohibiting wearing beards and introducing European dress.
1699 - The reform of the city governing. Establishing the Chamber of Burmisters.
1699 - Liquidation of the Strelets' Host.

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