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Kurskaya Oblast

Kurskaya OblastKurskaya Oblast lies within the bounds of the Central Russian upland (275 m high). In the south Kurskaya Oblast borders upon Belgorodskaya Oblast, in the southwest and the west - upon Ukraine, in the northwest - upon Bryanskaya Oblast, in the north - upon Orlovskaya Oblast, to the northeast lies Lipetskaya Oblast and to the east - Voronezhskaya Oblast. The main rivers here are the rivers Seim and Psel (the tributaries of Dnepr and Don).
The climate is moderate continental. The average temperature of January is -8 degrees centigrade, of July - +19 degrees. Precipitations make about 500 mm a year.
The oblast was formed on June 13, 1934. Its area is 29,8 thousand sq. km (0,17 % of the total area of the Russian Federation). The centre is Kursk being founded in 1095. Distance to Moscow is 536 km. The city is divided into 3 districts: Zheleznodorozhny, Tsentralny and Seimsky.
The Kursk province existed between 1797 and 1928. In the years of 1708-1727 it was a part of the Kiev province and in 1727-1779 of the Belgorod province.
For centuries the Kursk region served as a borderland. Before Golden Horde it protected the Chernigov princedom against attacks of nomads. From the end of XIV till the end of XV centuries it was a part of the Lithuanian princedom. Later it returned to Russia. In 1991 the oblast again became marginal after disintegration of the USSR.
For three centuries Kursk land has been a remote place, a part of the historical centre of the country. Now it should get accustomed to be a borderland again.
Every nation has its own history, heroes and memory. Ancient Kursk land is a part of the glorious history of the Russians.
This land cannot be confused with any other. It does not amaze tourists by its ancient monuments, architecture or anything else. But anyone who visited this land would respect such glorious cities at the bank of the river Tuskati and Seim as Kursk, Rylsk, Lgov, Sudzha, Oboyan for their former and present merits in the course of the great history of our Motherland. Populated with gifted people, Kursk land by right is considered an important link in development of the Russian state. For centuries it was the support of Kiev Russia and then of the Moscow state in their struggle against enemies, in strengthening of economy and defense. Kiev is called the mother of Russian cities, but Kursk and Rylsk are its sons.

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