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XIII-XV centuries

1202-1224 - Taking the lands of the Livs, Ests, Zemgals and other lands adjacent to the Baltic sea by German Order of Knights of the Sword (founded in 1202).
1203-1204 - The campaign of Galich-Volyn Prince Roman Mstislavovich against the Polovets.
1205-1264 - (with the breakings) The reign of Daniil Romanovich in Galich and Volyn.
1209 - The first mention about Tver in chronicles.
1212 - The division of Vladimir-Suzdal lands between the sons of Vsevolod the Bolshoe Gnezdo.
1212-1216, 1218-1238 - The reign of Yuri Vsevolodovich in Vladimir-Suzdal land.
1216 - The battle near the river Lipitsa. The win of Prince Constantine Vsevolodovich over the brothers Yuri and Yaroslav for reigning in Vladimir.
1236-1251 - The reign of Alexander Yaroslavich (Nevsky) in Novgorod.
1237-1241 - The Tatar-Mongol invasion, led by Khan Batyi.
December 1237 - Destruction of Ryazan by the Mongol-Tatars.
1239 - The invasion of Baty's hosts in Southern Russian lands. Ravaging Pereyaslavl, Chernigov.
1240-1241 - Taking Russian fortresses Izborsk, Pskov, Koporie by the Knights of Livon Order (founded in 1237 - as a resulted of merging of the Tueton Order and the Order of Knights of the Sword).
September-December, 1240 - The siege and taking Kiev by Baty's hosts.
July 15, 1240 - The battle of the Neva. Crushing defeat of Swedish host by the host of Alexander Yaroslavich (Nevsky).
1257 - The rise against census in Novgorod.
1261 - Establishing of the Orthodoxy diocese in the capital of Golden Horde.
1262 - Rises in Rostov, Suzdal, Vladimir, Yaroslavl against the Mongol-Tatar tribute collectors and tax-farmers; collecting the tribute was transmitted to Russian Princes.
1325-1326 - Murder of Prince Yuri Moscovsky by Prince Dmitry Tverskoy in Horde. Execution of Prince Dmitry Tverskoy by the order of khan Uzbek.
1325-1340 - The reign of Ivan I Danilovich Kalita in Moscow; since 1328 - the Grand Prince of Vladimir.
1325 - Moving of Metropolitan Peter from Vladimir to Moscow.
1325-1327 - The reign of Alexander Michaelovich Tverskoy.
1326 - Building the Cathedral of the Assumption in Moscow.
1327 - The rise against the Horde hosts in Tver.
1333 - Building Archangels Cathedral in Moscow.
1339 - Murder of Prince Alexander Mikhailovich Tverskoy in the Horde.
1340-1353 - The reign of Simeon Ivanovich the Proud Moscovsky.
About 1340 - Foundation of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery by Sergius of Radonezh.
1359-138 - The reign of Dmitry Ivanovich (Donskoy) in Moscow (since 1362 - Prince of Vladimir).
August 11, 1378 - The win of Moscow-Ryasan Host over the Horde hosts near the river Vozha.
1379-1396 - Baptizing of the Zyryans (Komis) by Stephan Permsky.
September 8, 1380 - The battle of the Kulikovo field. The win of the united Russian Host, led by the Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich (Donskoy), over the Horde Host led by Mamai on the Kulikovo field (near the place where the River NepNep enters the Don).
1382 - The campaign of Tatar- Mongol Host, led by khan Tokhtamysh against Moscow. The siege and ravaging of Moscow and the other cities and towns of North-Eastern Rus.
1382 - The fist mention of firearm in Rus.
About 1382 - Beginning of coinage in Moscow.
1389-1425 - The reign of Vasiliy I Dmitrievich in Moscow.
1392 - Annexation of Nizhegorodsko-Suzdalskoe and Muromskoe principalities to Moscow.
1395 - The crushing defeat of the Golden Horde by the Hosts of Timur (Tamerlan). Ravaging borders of Rus. Destruction of Yelets.The beginning of the XV cent. - Creation of the icon 'Trinity' for Trinity Cathedral in Trinity-Sergius Monastery by Andrey Rublev.
1404 - Taking of Smolensk by the host of Grand Prince of Lithuania Vitovt. Annexation of Smolensk Principality to Lithuania.
1426-1428 - The campaigns of the Grand Prince of Lithuania Vitovt against Novgorod and Pskov.
1433-14364 - Beginning of open fight between princes of Galitch for the Moscow throne of the Grand Prince.
1444-1448 - The war between Livonia and Novgorod and Pskov, which ended in 25-year peace.
1446 - Taking Moscow by appanage Prince Dmitry Shemyaka - the brother of Vasiliy Kosoy. Blinding Prince Vasiliy II (the Dark) by his order.
1448 - Proclaiming the Russian Church autocephaly. Election of Iona, the bishop of Ryasan, Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia.
1449 - Recognition of independence of Novgorod and Pskov by Moscow and Lithuania.
1450 - Banishing Dmitry Shemyaka from Galich (died in 1453)
1463 - Annexation of Yaroslavl Principality to Moscow.
1466-1472 - The journey of the Tver merchant Afanasiy Nikitin to India ('Traveling across the three seas').
1467-1469 - The campaigns of Moscow Host against Kazan.
1470s - Appearing of heresy of those attached to Judaism, denying the divine origin of Christ.
1471 - The first campaign of Ivan III to Novgorod. Crushing defeat of the Novgorodians near the river Shelon. Recognition Novgorod to be the patrimony of Grand Prince of Moscow.
1472 - Marriage of Ivan III and Sophia Paleolog, the niece of the last Emperor of Byzantine Empire.
1742 - Definitive annexation of Perm land to Moscow.
1484-1486 - Formation of the heresy circle of Theodore Kuritsin (denying of monasteries and monasticism, propagating the idea of freedom of will).
1492 - The Calendar Reform (moving the beginning a New Year from March 1 to January 1)
1492-1494 - The war between grand Prince Ivan III and Lithuania. Annexation of Vyasma and Verkhovsky principalities to Moscow.
1493-1494 - Stopping of Hanse trade in Novgord.
1496-1497 - The war with Sweden.
1496-1497 - The first Russian travel to Istanbul to sultan Bayaset II.
1497 - Issuing of 'Code of Laws' by Ivan III; establishing common period for the serfs to change their owners (a week before and a week after St George's Day - November 26)

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