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Krasnoyarsky Krai

Krasnoyarsky KraiKrasnoyarsky Krai is one of the key regions of Russia. Rich with natural resources, possessing highly developed industries playing leading roles in the economy of Russia, and having industry-oriented scientific and intellectual potential, Krasnoyarsk Krai remains one of the most attractive regions for foreign investment.
Located in the central part of Siberia, Krasnoyarsk Krai covers 2.34 million square kilometres, or 13.6 percent of entire Russia. To the north the Krai extends to the Tajmyr Peninsula on the Arctic Ocean; to the east, Irkutsk Oblast and YakutiaYakutia Republic; to the south, Tyva republic; and to the west, Tyumen Oblast. The Krai spans several climatic zones, from arctic to continental, and has arctic deserts, tundra and tundra forest - in the north, the taiga - in the central part, and the steppe and forest-steppe - in the south. The south has productive agricultural soils.
Population of Krasnoyarsky Krai is only 3.5 million, which is about two percent of the population of Russia. Three fourth of the population is urban. The capital, and the largest city, Krasnoyarsk, located in the south, has about 900,000 residents. Other large cities are Norilsk, Yenisejsk, Achinsk, Igarka, and Dudinka.
Economically, Krasnoyarsky Krai is included in East-Siberian Economic Region. Other subjects of the economical region are Irkutsk and Chita Oblasts, Tyva, Khakasia, Buryatia, Tajmyr and Evenkia Republics, Ust-Ordynsk Autonomous Oblast. The Krai is constantly ranked among the ten regions with the highest GDP (gross domestic product) in Russia.
The energy industry is one of the Krai's largest industrial sectors. Total power capacity of power stations is 14,349 billion kWatt. Two large hydroelectric power stations, such as Krasnoyarsk and Sayano - Shushenskaya, are built on the Yenisey river. Three hydroelectric power stations are built on the Angara river, and the fourth dam is being built near the city of Boguchany. The use of hydroelectric power, that amounts up to 38 percent of all the energy power, allows the government to keep power prices lower compared to other regions in Russia. In 1996, the regional energy enterprises produced 6 percent of all the energy produced in Russia. The surplus of electric power is exported to other Russian territories.
Krasnoyarsky Krai is one of Russia's richest areas with natural resources. The most important resources are natural gas, oil, hydroelectric power, timber, manganese, copper, mercury, rare earth metals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, coal, gold, platinum, high-quality marbles, and precious and semiprecious stones. The fact that these natural resources are often closely located to each other, and can be developed simultaneously, gives more advantages to the region.
The Krasnoyarsk Krai is considered to be the largest agricultural region in the Central and Eastern Siberia.
Agriculture is developed in the central and southern regions of the Krai. Grain and fodder, potatoes, milk and meat production are the basis of the Krai's agriculture.
The Krai's agricultural sector fully satisfies demand of the population for main food products.
Approximately 426 farms of various types of ownership (private, state, etc.) and 4,797 of communal farms are currently operating in the Krai. The structure of farming is gradually changing. The output of main farm products is increasing, while the livestock industry has been declining.
Output of many agricultural products in the Krai is higher than in other Russian regions, and it provides the opportunity to export its production to other territories of Russia. The Krai produces 42 percent of grain, potatoes, and vegetables, 41 percent of milk, and 36 percent of meat and eggs in Eastern Siberia.
The Krasnoyarsky Krai is one of the country's important fur producing region. On the average, about 15 thousand white foxes, more than 50 thousand sables, 400 thousand squirrels are used in the fur industry per year. Due to fur breeding, a wide variety of furs, including blue fox, silver fox, mink, and sable, is available in the Krai.

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