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Ivan III Reign.
Culture of Muscovy
The Foreign Policy of Ivan III. Overthrow of the Golden Horde Rule.
Consolidation of The Moscow Princedom in Reign of Vasily I
Changes in the System of Public Management.
The Feudal War in the second quarter of XV Century.
Strengthening of Political System in Reign of Ivan III.
The Last Will of Ivan III.
Autocephaly of the Russian Orthodox Church in the middle of XV century
Social and Economic Development of Russia in XV century.
The Church and Heresies in the second half of XV century.
International Situation of Muscovy in XV century
Relations of Moscow with The Great Lithuanian Princedom and The Golden Horde
Annexation of Novgorod's Lands to Moscow
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The Foreign Policy of Ivan III. Overthrow of the Golden Horde Rule.

In the second half of XV century the Golden Horde represented a number of independent states. The largest of them were: the Siberian, Kazan, Crimean and Astrakhan Khanates. Ivan III maintained friendly relations with the Crimean Horde, where the Girey Dynasty ruled.

Moscow and the Crimea had a common enemy - the Khan of the Big Horde. A weak Golden Horde Khan Ahmet in an alliance with Lithuania, on his turn, tried to influence Russia, but because of impossibility to organize a joint campaign he was limited to attacks on Muscovy borders. In 1472 he made a raid into the Russian lands and reached the Oka River, but he did not dare to head to Moscow. Ivan III carried out more and more independent from the Horde policy.

In 1476 he ceased to render tribute. In response Akhmet mustered a big army and moved to Moscow. In September, 1480 Russian and Mongolian armies concentrated at the Ugra - a confluent of the Oka River.

In October Akhmet twice tried to cross the Ugra, but was throw back both times by Moscow voevodes. Lithuania could not render Akhmet the promised assistance (Kazimir IV was busy repulsing an attack of the Crimean Khan Meng-li-Girey). Early winter and lack of provision forced Akhmet to change his mind. Morally defeated, the Horde Army turned back. "Standing on the Ugra" finished in a bloodless victory of Muscovy. The Golden Horde Yoke was overthrew once and for all.

Akhmet's defeat meant dissolution of the Golden Horde (1502). As a result of war against the Kazan Khanate in 1487 Moscow troops seized Kazan. The Kazan throne was given to Moscow protege Mukhammed-Emin.

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