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Pearls of Russia

Pearls of RussiaRussia is the country with the centuries-old history, rich culture and wonderful nature.
If you glance over Russia, occupying the sixth part of the planet, you easily notice, that there is almost everything, that is found separately when travelling over other countries. Those people who have travelled all over the world will by all means confirm it.

Fans of deserts, mountain lakes and mountain tops, waterfalls, warm seas, fans of steppe vast expanses, deep forests, broadest or most silent shady rivers, fans of rocks or cane thrickets, edelweiss or camomiles, heat or cold, koumiss or fresh milk, antiquities of the East or modern new buildings, mushrooms, ruffs or mackerel, fans of hunt for wood-grouse or hunt in underwater thrickets, fans of walking or mad rush in a motor vehicle, - everyone will find what he is interested in.

One of the most beautiful in the world countries is given in the full order of each of us. It is a pity, but sometimes there is no time and for certain there can't be so much time in human life to see and study all of the country that we name our Motherland. To visit all monuments of architecture, to see beautiful nature, to get acquainted with the rich culture of our immense country is physically impossible.

Some architectural and historical-cultural monuments in the territory of the Russian Federation aPearls of Russiare included in the list of Objects of the World Heritage of UNESCO, including: the Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square, the historical centre of Saint-Petersburg and palace-park complexes of its suburbs, country churchyard Kizhi, historical monuments of Novgorod, historical-cultural complex of Solovetskiye Islands, white stone monuments of Vladimir-Suzdal land, Boris and Gleb church in Kideksha, Troitse-Sergieva Lavra in Sergiev Posad, Church of Ascension in Kolomna.

Basic Russian Sight-seeings.

In the territory of Russian Federation there are over 100 reserves and national parks, the great rivers: Volga, Ob, Yenisei, Lena, Amur; the biggest and deep lake Baikal, mountain tops of the Big Caucasus and resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, Teletskoe lake in Altai, geysers and volcanos of Kamchatka.

Resort zones at the Black sea are very attractive to tourists; in Moscow there are great sight-seeings especially from the historic and cultural point of view: the Kremlin, Red Square, V.Lenin's mausoleum, Armory Museum, Vasily the Bless temple, Tretiyakov gallery, Borodino panorama, Andrey Rublev museum, manor ensembles-museums: Kuskovo, Kolomna, Ostankino, Tsaritsyno, Arkhangelskoye and many-many else.

If you once visit Saint-PetersbuPearls of Russiarg, you will certainly forever remember the Hermitage, Russian museum, Isaak cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress, Alexander Nevsky Lavra, unique museum - Kunstkamera (cabinet of curiosities), unsurpassed palace-park ensembles: Peterhof, Pavlovsk, Pushkin, Gatchina.

Russia is famous all over the world for its old russian cities the so-called "Golden Ring": Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Suzdal, Vladimir, Sergiev Posad, Yuriev.

The Kremlin and Ivan the Terrible palace in Vologda, Museum of Wooden Architecture "Kizhi", historical monuments of Great Novgorod, Solovetsky monastery at the White sea, Pskov-Pechora monastery and museum-reserve "Pushkin mountain" in Pskov, Kazan Kremlin (14-15 centuries), historic-architectural museum in Smolensk, memorial complex "Stalingrad Battle" in Volgograd, museum-reserve (16-17 centuries) in Tobolsk are well-known in Russia and abroad.

In this section there is a great opportunity to familiarize with these and many other "pearls" of Russia.

Have a pleasant travel!
The Great Country is waiting for you!

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