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Ivan III Reign.
Culture of Muscovy
The Foreign Policy of Ivan III. Overthrow of the Golden Horde Rule.
Consolidation of The Moscow Princedom in Reign of Vasily I
Changes in the System of Public Management.
The Feudal War in the second quarter of XV Century.
Strengthening of Political System in Reign of Ivan III.
The Last Will of Ivan III.
Autocephaly of the Russian Orthodox Church in the middle of XV century
Social and Economic Development of Russia in XV century.
The Church and Heresies in the second half of XV century.
International Situation of Muscovy in XV century
Relations of Moscow with The Great Lithuanian Princedom and The Golden Horde
Annexation of Novgorod's Lands to Moscow
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Ivan III Reign.

When Vasily II the Dark died the Moscow throne went to his elder son Ivan Vasiliyevich (1462 - 1505), who was a co-ruler even when his father was still alive. It was Ivan III who finished a two-centuries long process of association of Russian Lands and completely overthrew the Golden Horde Yoke. Distinguished by great intellect and will-power, this prominent Moscow sovereign succeeded in gathering of the lands under the power of Moscow.

In the beginning of his reign Muscovy was surrounded by sovereign territories, the lands of The Great Novgorod, independent principalities of other Russian princes: Tver, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Ryazan. But by the end of XV century the Eastern Europe had undergone enormous political changes. The Moscow Land now had a border directly with Sweden and German Lands in Baltic, Lithuania and the remains of The Golden Horde in the south.

Ivan III laid the foundation for Russian autocracy. He considerably enlarged the State's territory, strengthened its political system, State machinery, raised greatly the international prestige of Moscow. This new international status was reflected in imposing court etiquette and in new state symbols.

In fact, Ivan III was the actual founder of Muscovy.

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