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The Baltic Sea resorts

The Baltic Sea resortsRussia is rich with sea resorts, but among of them Baltic beach is the special place due to the unique exit of the country to the open Baltic sea. On thirty kilometers reaches resort zone on its coast. The nature has generously presented Kaliningrad region, where are combined surprisingly the open spaces of the sea and unending coastal strip of golden beaches. The warm summer and mainly not cold winter, most diverse vegetation and a lot of different kinds of animals. The everything has here to healthy rest and effective sanatorium and resort treatment.

The local statistics asserts that the number of people to have a rest on Baltic sea grows from year to year. The thousands of the foreigners, and a lot of inhabitants of many regions of Russia direct here annually. What is the reason - the growing popularity of Baltic resorts, or more and more appreciable ecological problems on the southern resorts? Of course - medical resources of Baltic resorts, the wide network of sanatoriums created on their base have allowed to government of Russia to give it the status of resorts of republican meaning in 1971.
Baltic beach concerns to a category of climatic resorts of a seaside zone. Soft, the sparing sea climate, not aware of sharp fluctuations of temperatures, has a high salutary properties. Largely it is caused with geographical arrangement of a resort zone - on 5 degrees to the south of Leningrad and on 400 kilometers western of a Rigas beach. Accumulating the warm during the summer period the sea here never freezes. In autumn and winter periods southern and south- western winds of Atlantic bring here heated with Golfstream air that causes the soft climate, accompanied with downturn of the atmospheric pressure. Compare some data: the average year temperature of air on a beach changes in limits from + 6.5C (43.7 F) up to + 8.0C (46.4 °F) (for The Baltic Sea resortsMoscow it is equal +3,5C (38.3 F), for St. Petersburg +4,1C(39.4 F) ). By the way, the strongest ultraviolet radiation of the sun on territory of Russia is noticed in the centre of Baltic resort zone - in the city of Svetlogorsk. Here the number of solar days in a year is up to 135.
But, certainly people first of all attract the sea, beautiful Baltic beaches - a wide coastal strip of light and fine sand. Such beaches are not present in southern resorts of Russia. The flat sand sea bottom is very comfortable for all ages. The swimming season lasts from June up to middle of September. Monthly average temperature of water in this period changes from 17C (62.6 F) up to 19C (66.2 F), the maximum water temperature is 22C (76.6 F).
Clean sea air with the aroma of branches and flowers, an air and a solar baths, sea swimming, walk on picturesque places of a beach remove a pressure and tiredness, promote good mood. The climatic factors, modern statement sanatorium treatment, and also presence of local curative mineral waters and peat dirts renders salutary influence on ill with heart by diseases, various sort by frustration of nervous system, and some other illnesses.
In the town of Svetlogorsk there are the basic sanatoriums, the homes of rest and tourists camps. This small seaside town has become the centre of a large republican resort. Annually its services over million of people having a rest. The special group is made the specialized children's sanatoriums, where effectively treat a tuberculosis, rheumatism, residual phenomena the ambassador children's нейроинфекций. The sanatoriums have a diagnostic equipment, qualified staff of the doctors.
Has become an annually tradition to open the resort season with holiday of song in Svetlogorsk with The Baltic Sea resortsbest singing and dancing collectives of Kaliningrad region, the visitors from other republics and from the cities of Poland. In it there is something symbolical - city, where the people come to reset from a load of daily cares, should cause in them sense of holiday. This town-resort, town-park, town with such solar name Svetlogorsk (in russian means Light-Town).
The story about Baltic resorts will be incomplete, if to bypass such really and unique natural phenomenon, as Kurshsakaya Kosa (the spit) - made with water and wind a thin strip of ground, where the salty sea near with a fresh water gulf, level of which above than sea level. Cross the Kurshskaya spit from a gulf to the sea (this smaller distance) - and the desert landscape will be replaced with a pine wood. Millions birds during flights are carried over spit. he surprising world, complete harmonies and contrasts, unique microclimate will meet desiring to have a rest on Kurshskaya Kosa. The tourists camps, home of rest and childre's camp are placed here.
Today the Baltic resorts live interesting life.

So welcome on rest!

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