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The Polish Revolt of 1830-1831
Foreign Policy of Russia in the 2nd half of XIX Century.
The State-Political Development of Russia in the 2nd half of the XIX century.
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The Socio-Economical Development of Russia in the 2nd quarter of XIX century.
The Peasants Movement
The Social Movement in the 2nd half of XIX century.
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The Peasants Movement

The peasants movement at the time of Nikolay's I reign constantly accrued: if in the second quarter of century, each year were up to 43 manifestations, in the 50s it reached 100. The 'idea of liberty' was the main reason of the disobedience of peasants. The largest demonstration of that period became the so-called cholera revolts.

In autumn of 1830, the revolt of the Tambov peasants during epidemic became the beginning of the peasants' revolts, covering the whole provinces and continuing till August 1831. In the cities and villages, huge crowds, warmed up by hearings about deliberate infection, destroyed hospitals, killed doctors, policemen and officials. In the summer of 1831, during the epidemic of cholera in St. Petersburg, daily died up to 600 persons.

The distempers, which began in the city, were directed to the Novgorod military settlements which, in result, were liquidated the same year. The indignation of state peasants of Ural region in 1834-1835 was great; it was due to the intention of the government to transfer them into appanage peasants. In the summer of 1939, during drought and fires, peasants revolts were covering 12 central provinces of Russia. In the 40s started a mass of unauthorized immigrations of serfs of 14 provinces to the Caucasus and to other areas, which were hardly stopped by the government forces.

Distemper of serf workers during those years got a significant scope. From 108 working distempers in 1830-1850, approximately 60% happened among possessed workers. In 1849 more than semi-centennial struggle of Kazan clothiers ended by their transfer from possessed conditions into civilian.

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