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The Policy of Russia in the field of Economy.
The Basis of the Economic Policy of the Whites.
Armed Forces of Soviet Russia.
Armed Forces of Opponents of Bolsheviks.
Armed Struggle in Ukraine and in the South of Russia
Negotiations with Germany, the Relations with Entente.
The Anti-Bolsheviks Actions.
Brest Peace.
Civil war and Military Intervention.
Counterattack of the Red Army.
Military actions in the West and the North of Russia.
The Soviet-Polish War. Vrangel's Defeat.
The Policy of Military Communism
Culture, Art and Science.
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The Basis of the Economic Policy of the Whites.

The Leaders of the white regime - A.I.Denikin, A.V.Kolchak, N.N.Yudenich, P.N.Vrangel, etc. intended to pursue limited measures in the field of economy. However, because of the short-term existence of political regimes and inconsistency of the economic policy those measures weren't a success with the population.

General A.I.Denikin (1872-1947) was the adherent of restoration of ' Russia, one and indivisible', establishment of military dictatorship and extermination of Bolshevism. In April 1919 on his initiative the 'Declaration of land', which considered the security of interests of workers and reservation of landowning rights, was passed. Simultaneously the resolution of the Provisional Government on the grain monopoly was cancelled. In November the project of the 'Land law' was made, allowing landlords to give parts of their lands to peasants.

Admiral A.V.Kolchak (1874-1920), as well as general Denikin, considered it necessary to defeat Bolshevics. He supported elections to the constituent Assembly and declaration of independence of Finland and Poland, autonomy of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The economic program of admiral Kolchak aimed at granting land to the landless and having insufficient lands peasants, return of the seized lands to their proprietors and resolution of the agrarian question by national assembly.

General P.N.Vrangel (1878-1928) followed the so-called 'left policy with the right hand', the essence of which concluded in realization of the agrarian reform in order to have the support of prosperous peasantry of South Russia and Ukraine. This reform provided restrictions on large landlord possessions, an increase of allotments of peasants of average means, maintenance of peasants with industrial goods by free marketing. However, as it was mentioned, the leaders of the white regime did not manage to put their economic programs into practice and they were practically compelled to rely on the financial, economic and military help of the countries of Entente.

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