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Philip Kirkorov

Philip KirkorovPhilip has received two "Monte-Carlo World Music Awards" as a Best Selling Russian Artist in 1996 and 1999.
8 times he has been nominated for the Russian version of the Grammy "Ovation".

His concert tour "The Best, Favorite and Only for You" became the "Best Tour of the Last Decade (1991-2001)".

Dozens of times he has been honored as a "Singer of the Year" by all major Russian Award Ceremonies.
He is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most sold out shows performed in a row - a 32 concert marathon at the same venue (4 000 seats).

Philip is the first Russian Singer to be given a FAMA award for the Contribution to the Latin music and Culture.

January 20, 2001 Philip Kirkorov was honored as "The Distinguished Artist of Russian Federation" - the first such honor given in the new millenium by the law signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

February 23, 2001 he was nominated as the Ambassador of Goodwill.

He is a brilliant creative personality, that combines the talents of a singer, a dancer, a choreographer, a director and a producer.

Much has already been written and said about Philip Kirkorov by reviewers, friends and ill-wishers. His life and songs attract the attention of millions of people the world over, they have evoked most contradictory views, which only show his outstanding personality. His constant search for identity, songs and friends keeps him in the limelight of life and variety stage. He works almost round the clock unsparingly.

Philip was born into the family of the Bulgarian singer, Bedros Kirkorov, on April 30. His father and mother, Victoria, a beautiful Russian girl, surrounded him with great love and care. This greatly influenced his character and life. He lavishly shares his life's love and happiness with his audiences.

He dreamt about stage career when he was five and travelled along with his parents from city to city where his father gave performances.

As is often the case, he was turned down at a theatrics institute on account of not being capable enough. This only urged him on, and he applied to the Gnesins Music School in Moscow. Philip began to appear on concert stage in 1985.

His first performance on TV was in November 1985 in the "Wider Circle" programme, in which he sang a song in Bulgarian. In 1987 he received an invitation from the Leningrad Music Hall directed by Ilya Rakhlin and went on a concert tour of Germany where he appeared in a popular show at the "Friedrichstadtpalast" Theatre in Berlin. Philip had his first experience of performing on a professional stage, but he realized that work in one and the same city, singing a couple of songs on one and the same stage, and leading a relatively comfortable life was not for him. And he left the Music Hall, going virtually nowhere. But he was lucky by having met poet Ilya Reznik, who was one of the first to help the young singer.

In April 1988 Ilya Reznik celebrated his jubilee at the "Rossiya" Concert Hall in Moscow. It was there that the first meeting of Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov took place. It was very short, on the stage, but those several minutes played an important role in Philip's life. They did not see each other for six months after that, but in October 1988 Philip received an invitation from Alla to take part in the first "Christmas Meetings".
By that time Philip had already finished his musical education, successfully appeared at the first competition in his life in Yalta, made his first clip on the theme of the popular song "Carmen", and gone to Mongolia to appear in free concerts for military units, where Alla's invitation found him. That invitation and the show in which he took part were, perhaps, one of the most memorable events in his life. It was then that he entered the world of show business. During preparations for "Christmas Meetings" he met the poet who later wrote for him the best songs which were a great success with the audiences. These were "You, You, You", "Sky and Earth", "Atlantis" and " At Night and in Day Time". That man was Leonid Derbenev. May he rest in peace.

1989 was the decisive year for Philip's career. He was the partner of Alla Pugacheva in her concert tour of Australia and Germany, where Philip became popular with Russian emigrants. And he gave his first solo performances in Perm. At the end of 1989 Philip decided to leave the "Alla Pugacheva Theatre", but he gave a promise to himself to return to it in several years, more mature and worthy of the right to ask Alla, his only love, to be his muse.

And so he left for nothing and nowhere again. In 1990 he began his career as a solo performer. He received his first Grand Prix for the song "Sky and Earth" at the "Hit-90" Competition in St.Petersburg, which became his beloved city. Next came performances at sports palaces and stadiums, and first solo concerts abroad in 1990, 1991, 1992. More and more hits, each song became popular. The "Atlantis" videoclip was considered the best in 1992. The album "You, You, You" was sold like hot cakes in big circulation.

His concerts in St.Petersburg in 1992 alone drew full house in the "Oktyabrsky" Hall seating 4,000. Two solo programmes, first "Sky and Earth" and then the "Atlantis" show, which was later regarded the best show of the year followed one after the other.

At that time his first tours of the USA, Canada, Germany and Israel took place. Philip remembers to this day his first visit to New York on the eve of the New Year and his performance in the posh estaurant "Rasputin".

He was accompanied by invariable success, Fortune smiled on him and he was nicknamed "Lucky". However, few people knew what titanic efforts, both physical and nervous, it cost, how much he worked, what disappointment and disillusionment he encountered. Heated arguments with rude and greedy impresarios, envious and vicious press comment, treachery on the part of friends. But his ardent wish to bring joy and pleasure to audiences has helped him, and continues to help, overcome all difficulties.

And so "Lucky" greets 1993 with the gold figurine of the "Ovatsiya" Prize as "the Best Singer of the Year", a prize of the international competition "Golden Orpheus", a "Memento of the Successful Concert Tour of Australia" and two hits: "Tell Me, Tell Me, Cherry" and "Marina". He was tired and wanted to fly or sail away, but his eyes were riveted on the woman he adored since he was fifteen years old boy.

Came 1994, the most important year in Philip's life. He met again with the lady he loved, and she became his Muse and Love. It was the begining of their Great Creative Allience.

That was the happiest time in his life. He created the programme "I'm not Raffaello", which included golden hits of Engelbert Hamperdink, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka and, of course, the great Elvis Presley. Philip's good English and innate gracefulness, taste and originality enabled him to sing songs known and loved by all and sundry in his own way.

Soon Philip recorded his song "I'm Raising My Glass", that became a superhit in Russia and devoded it to Alla as many-many other his hits.

A tragic loss befell him that year - on April 30 his dearly-loved mother died. That was a real tragedy for the young singer and the woman he loved helped him to overcome the grief and depression.

1995. Philip received two more gold figurines of the "Ovatsiya" Prize "For the Best Programme" and as "The Best Singer" and recorded on video three hits - "Birdie", "What a Summer" and "Darling". Then he left for the international "Eurovision" competition in Dublin to represent Russia.

In November 1994 Alla and Philip undertook a joint show project for the biggest American casino "Taj Mahal" in Atlantic City, and in May made a successful concert tour of Israel where they performed at big stadiums.

At the end of 1995 the "Polygram" firm issued a double CD called "Say 'Yes!' to the Sun", which immediately became a bestseller. Its issue coincided with the first night of the programme "The Best Favourites Only for You" at the Variety Theatre in November. Nine full-house concerts, nine unforgettable evenings which became the talk of the town.

The successful march of the programme "The Best Favourites Only for You" began. The show captivated the audiences with its sincerely, simplicity and beauty. The ballet company "Recital", the professional "Vocal Band" group and the musical group "Theodore" contributed to the success of the programme. In 1996 this show was updated, new songs were included in the programme, but the greatest hit - "My Bunny" stayed in it for a long time.

In 1996 Philip received "The Golden Statuette" at the "World Music Award" ceremony in Monte Carlo for the biggest circulation of the album "Say 'Yes!' to the Sun" and the most popular show "The Best Favourites Only for You" in Russia.

As the true Artist Philip Kirkorov decided to undertake a bold and unique venture - a world concert supertour. He intended to show his programme in America, at Madison Square Garden in New York. Much has been written about it. Comments were favourable or critical, but never indifferent.

Long before April 5, 1997, experts assessed the forthcoming performance of the young Russian singer in New York as unique for the entire Russian variety art. Time has passed when Russian pop-stars were happy at any opportunity to appear overseas and sing in Russian restaurants on Brighton Beach, at colleges and synagogues. Russian emigrants have changed, too. They became well-off and now wished to see and hear their favourite performers in better surroundings, such as the famous Madison Square Garden whichPhilip Kirkorov played host to Madonna, Michael Jackson, Sting, Phil Collins, and others, and which was the venue of handing the prestigious "Grammy" Prize.

Philip Kirkorov beat all records of that hall seating 6,000. All tickets were sold out three weeks in advance.
Continuing his world supertour, Philip arrived in Israel in May, 1997. He gave seven concerts on the most prestigious stages in the country. Israeli show business did not know such success. Philip could give at least seven more performances, however, he made a point to the organizers of his tour: "Day for concert, day for rest". He stayed at a villa in Kesaria (a historic place mentioned in Mikhail Bulgakov's famous novel "The Master and Margarita"), together with Alla Pugacheva and their close friends.

In Israel his concerts took place in open-air auditoriums and in prestigious halls.

Technically, Kirkorov's concerts differed greatly from the concerts of many Russian pop stars who played only on the nostalgic strings of Russian emigre audiences. Philip's shows were of the highest world class - 240 pieces of lighting equipment and sound capacity of 60 kw - something even Western stars can only dream about.

Even before his performance in Madison Square Garden he was not so agitated as on June 15, 1997, before his solo concert at "Friedrichstadtpalast" in Berlin, although it seats only 1,899, and Madonna, Jackson, Sting and Collins did not appear there. The point is that back in 1987 Kirkorov sang on that stage. The Leningrad Music Hall programme included four songs sung by the lanky full-throated "little camel", as he was called by Alla Pugacheva. Apart from that, Philip was also the MC, making announcements in German, which he did not know. It was then that he decided to come back on to the "Palast" stage as a full-fledged variety star. Before leaving Philip threw a coin into the nearby canal.

Indeed, in less than ten years he returned to Berlin. True, it was not easy to fulfill that project was. Berlin impresarios were not too enthusiastic about the whole thing; they did not have much faith in the "Kremlin stars". Talks continued for quite some time. Kirkorov was offered any hall in Germany, but he was adamant: either "Friedrichstadtpalast" or nothing. He was ready to pay a huge sum for hiring the hall, technical backing and transport (Thank Goodness, "Aeroflot" sponsored the project and paid airfare for the Kirkorov team of 80).

At last, the long-awaited concert took place. Philip was on top of his abilities and radiated energy and joy to the hall filled to capacity. The spectators were thrilled to hear old-time favourites performed by Philip and the Presidential Orchestra of Russia under the baton of Pavel Ovsyannikov.

On January 5, 1998, continuing his world tour with "The Best Favourites Only for You", Philip landed in Thailand to give a solo concert at the five-star hotel "Royal Cliff Beach Resort" near Pataya. Kirkorov brought to Thailand all his team: the orchestra and ballet, his father Bedros, light and sound engineers, two bodyguards, his chef, and the director of the company, Oleg NepNep, who turned 59 during the flight. At his birthday party aboard the plane he told his companions about his plans to arrange a show on his 60-year jubilee with the stars he worked with: Alla Pugacheva, Sophia Rotaru, Philip Kirkorov and Vladimir Presnyakov. The film team "Disc Canal", the TV-6 channel and TV producer Roman Rodin could also take part.

The unique lighting and sound equipment used by Michael Jackson was brought to "Royal Cliff Beach Hotel" from Bangkok (Incidentally, Philip Kirkorov, with a tint of irony, calls himself the Russian M.J. and used his mask for the video clip "Medical Nurse" to be issued soon).

Of course, far from everybody could afford to buy tickets for the show costing 100 - 170 dollars each (the concert was proceeded by a barbecue supper), but, apart from our fellow-countrymen, there were Germans, Finns, Japanese and Thais among the spectators. The balconies of "Royal Cliff Beach Hotel" were full of people anxious to see the Russian superstar singer. In all, the audience numbered about 3,000.
The concluding concerts of the world tour "The Best Favourites Only for You" took place in St.Petersburg (from February 20 until March 1, 1998, at the "Oktyabrsky" Hall seating 4,000) and in Moscow on March 6 - 9 in the "Olympiisky" Sports Complex seating 17,000. They convincingly showed "who's who" on the Russian variety stage. Philip Kirkorov was now way ahead of all Russian stars. The stage scenery, audio and lighting equipment, pyrotechnic effects, costumes, stunts and artistic direction, and advertising campaign cost more than a million dollars. Kirkorov's team numbered more than 100 people. The Russian TV produced a full three-hour programme of his performances in Moscow and showed it on May 1 in prime time. According to estimates, it drew a 50-million audience, and in June it was awarded Grand Prix at the European festival of TV programmes, "The Golden Antenna", in Bulgaria.

After the tour Kirkorov gave five concerts in the United States. He appeared three times at the Grand Theater of Hilton Hotel in Atlantic City. On March 20 and 21 Philip Kirkorov, the first of Russian variety stars, performed, with the "sold out" notice, at the Jubilee Theater of the "Ballys" Hotel-casino in Las Vegas.
From August 30 until September 3 Kirkorov took part in the International "Golden Orpheus" song festival in Bulgaria. He gave solo recitals in the festival programme. In previous years solo recitals at this festival were given by Julio Iglesias, Paul Rogers, "Supermax", "Eruption", Demis Russos, "2 Unlimited", "Matia Bazaar", Gianni Morandi, Tony Christie, and others. Philip's recital turned to be a real show, which began at 22.30 and ended at 1.30 a.m. At the concluding festival concert Kirkorov was awarded the Golden Orpheus statuette, like the one given to the winner of the competition. He received the award for his contribution to festivals and popularization of Bulgarian songs the world over.

Despite the economic and financial crisis in Russia, which began in August 1998, Kirkorov decided not to cancel or postpone the unique series of concerts in the "Oktyabrsky" Hall in St.Petersburg from October 30 until November 30. For a whole month Philip gave a concert every night, the tickets costing not so much, which made his shows within the reach of broad audiences.

Philip Kirkorov - is a major star, an artist who has been honored as a Singer of the Year on numerous occasions by many award shows and publications. He has been nominated for an "Ovation" (Russian version of the Grammy) seven times. He has received two World Music Awards as a Best Selling Russian Artist of 1996 and 1999. He is the first Russian singer to be given a FAMA award for his contribution to the Latin music and culture. He is also in the Guinness Book of World records for the most sold out shows performed in a row at the same venue (a 32 concert marathon), which was written up in Billboard magazine.

Philip Kirkorov is not only one of the most popular performers, but also a brilliant creative personality, that combines the talents of a singer, a dancer, a choreographer, a director and a producer. Most of the dance numbers in his concerts are choreographed by Philip himself, and the programs and special events produced by him have been recognized by many awards in Russia as well as abroad.

"A Surprise for Alla" produced by Philip was chosen as the best program/show of 1997, while his own special concert "The Best, The Favorite and Only For You" garnered the same honors for 1998. The television version of the show received a Grand Prix at the International Festival of Entertainment Programming "The Gold Antenna".

Philip Kirkorov can truly be called a man of the world. He has phenomenally successful tours abroad, where everyone knows and loves him. The fans of the Russian popular music make sure that his shows are always sold out. In his music he doesn't stop with only performing songs written by the Russian authors. His repertoire includes songs from different parts of the world, including English and Spanish. He created a sensation by bringing the hot flavor of the mysterious Turkey and the Middle East to Russia with his Turkish album "Oh, Mama, Shika Dam!" which became the most popular album of the year. As a result he was honored by the government of Turkey for his contribution to the development of cultural ties between Russia and Turkey.

"The Sensation from Russia" as Philip is known, is the first Russian singer that has performed sold out shows at the most prestigious venues in the world such as Fridrichschdaten Palace in Berlin, Madison Square Garden in New York, Trump Taj Mahal and The Grand Hilton in Atlantic City, Ballys and MGM Grand in Las Vegas as well as many others.

He was the only Russian performer to be invited by Michael Jackson to participate along with superstars such as Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Mariah Carey, Boyz to Men and many others in the international charity concerts ""Michael Jackson & Friends". The concerts were held in June of 1999 at the Olympic stadiums in Seoul, Korea and Munich, Germany in the aid of UNESCO, the Red Cross and Nelson Mandela Children's fund to benefit the children of the world, and raised millions of desperately needed dollars for children in Kosovo and all over the world.

In November of 1999 Philip brought his new program "Diva" to the anxiously awaiting audiences in AmericaPhilip Kirkorov and Canada. As usual, it was an astounding success.

His newest international project is the soon to be released album in Spanish "Sueno de Amor", the first ever Spanish language album recorded by a Russian singer. He debuted the first single on the album at the FAMA Awards held in New York's Lincoln Center on January 9, 2000. He was an instant sensation with the spanish-speaking audience, a new phenomenon in Latin music. The FAMA Awards honored him with a title "The Tsar of Song" and a special award for his "contribution in promoting Latin culture and music in Russia and former Soviet Republics". The performance at the FAMA Awards prompted Don Francisco, the host of the number one show on Spanish television "Sabado Gigante", to invite Philip to appear on his show. On March 18-th, 2000 Philip Kirkorov made his first official debut in Spanish on "Sabado Gigante" and hasn't stopped since.

In April of 2000, Philip together with Alla Pugacheva and composer Sergey Chelobanov released a new album "CheloPhilia", which once again created a sensation in the world of Russian popular music.

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