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The State Flag
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The State Flag

The <b>Flag</b>, <a href="/guides_e/7227.html"><b>1991</b></a>New state symbolism of the Russian Federation was adopted after declaration of independence and USSR disintegration. The Russian presidential decree dated by December 11, 1993 approved the Regulations on Russian Federation Flag. The decree specified proportions of flag. The ratio of length to width became 3:2 instead of 2:1 as in old pre-revolutionary Russian Flag. More habitual colors - white, dark blue and red - referred to Flag Colours (instead of beautiful, but inappropriate for official documents "azure" and "scarlet" as it used to be in 1992).The informal explanation of flag colours is the following: white - Peace, Cleanliness, Purity, Perfection; dark blue - Belief and Fidelity, Constancy; red - Energy, Force, Blood shed for the homeland. Boris Yeltsin by his decree dated by August 20, 1994 pronounced August 21 to be a national holiday - the Day of Russian Federation Flag. Debates in the State Duma concerning the state symbolism started with new force in January 1998. According to Constitution, a separate law shoThe <b>Flag</b>, 1954uld approve State Emblem and Flag; in fact, State Emblem was introduced by decree of President B.Yeltsin. Appropriate law did not legalize the State Flag approved by Supreme Council. President introduced bill for legislative approvement of existing State Emblem and Flag to the State Duma, but communist deputies considered this Emblem as monarchic. Aggrement was not completed. At President Putin suggestion State Duma finally passed Constitutional Laws about Emblem, Anthem, Flag and military banners on December 8, 2000. The previous symbolism of Emblem and Flag was left. Federation Council approved these laws on December 20, 2000. President Putin signed Constitutional laws about Emblem and Flag on December 25.
The laws came into force after publication in "Russian newspaper" on December 27, 2000.
It was decided that Armed Forces Banner should be only red and the Navy Banner should be the Andreyevsky Flag. Federation Council appThe <a href="/guides_e/4107.html"><b>Andreivsky</b></a> <b>Flag</b>(The Ensign of Imperial <b>Russian</b> Navy)roved these laws on December 20, 2000. President Putin signed the law about Armed Forces Banner on December 29, 2000. The law came into force after publication in "Russian newspaper" on January 4, 2001.
President Putin solemnly handed new Banner of Russian Federation Armed Forces to Ministry of Defence representatives. This banner participated in parade dedicated to the 56-th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. In the beginning of January 1992 Army Officer`s Assembly petitioned to change USSR Naval Flag to Russian Naval Flag which is the Andreyevsky Flag. During summit of January 16 CIS leaders made a decision to hoist the Andreyevsky Flag on ships of former USSR (ships of other CIS states hoisted flags of appropriate states). Then new design of all naval flags was created. President of Russia signed the Approvement Decree about new flags on July 21, 1992. New flags were solemnly hoisted on Navy ships (except Black Sea Fleet which status is not determined yet). According to the Decree, Russian Naval Flag was established as white background with blue St. Andrew`s cross.

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