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Museum of History of Kazan University

Museum of History of Kazan UniversityMuseum of history of Kazan University was opened on the 30th November 1979 in the University main building constructed in 1825 under the design of architect P.Pjatnitzky.
Museum covers the area of more than 1200 square metres. The structure of the museum consists of three sections.
The 1st section is dedicated to the history of one the oldest universities of Russia founded by Alexander I in 1804. Its exposition numbers more than 1500 exhibits-unique relics of the past and present.
Documents and photographs, manuscripts and books, devices and instruments get us acquainted with scientific achieoments of the scientists who made great contribution into the science both of the world and of our country

Great mathematician N.Lobachevsky
Astronomers I.Simonov and M.Covalskii
Chemists N.Zinin, A.Butlerov, A.Arbusov, B.Arbusov
Phisicians V.Bekhterev, A.Samojlov, A.Vishnevskii
Orientalists O.Covalevskii, V.Vasiljev, N.Katanov
Physicists E.Zavojskii and S.Altshuler
Mathematicians and mechanical engineers
N.Tchebotarjov, P.Shirokov, N.Tchetajev
Linguists I.Boduen De Kurtene and V.Bogoroditzkii

and many others, as well as with students of the University who studied here in different periods : S.Aksakov, L.Tolstoi, V.Uljanov (Lenin), V.Khlebnikov, E.Tchirikov, P.Balakirev and many others.
Second section is dedicated to the life of N.I.Lobachevskii who was the rector of Kazan University in 1827-1846 and to his scientific, pedagogical, administrative andMuseum of History of Kazan University public activities.
The third one is the museum's Memorial complex.
It includes
Law faculty lecture room
University assembly hall
Museum founds number more than 20 thousand pieces - articles of the main storage. Personal collections of scientists and students of the University are of special historical and scientific value. There are more than 180 of them. Museum possesses rich collection of documents showing contribution of the scientists into the case of victory over Hitler's fascism, viz. works of the institutes and laboratories of Academy of Sciences of the USSR evacuated to Kazan in 1941.
Museum gives much attention to organization of exhibitions Together with the National Archives, the State Museums of Republic of Tatarstan, scientific library of the University museum holds expositions dedicated to the memorable dates in the history of university and anniversaries of its outstanding scientists.

8 Kremlyovskaya St.,
Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan
tel. (7 8432) 387069

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