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The Komi Republic

The Komi RepublicThe Komi Republic is situated in the northeast of the European part of the Russian Federation.Its area is 416,8 thousand sq. km. (2,4 % of the total area of Russia). The distance between Moscow and Syktyvkar is 1410 km. The official languages are Komi and Russian. The capital is the city of Syktyvkar (229,6 thousand people).
In the west, northwest and north the Komi Republic borders upon Arkhangelskaya Oblast and Nenetsky Autonomous Okrug, in the east - upon Yamalo-Nenetsky and Khanty-Mansiysky autonomous okrugs of Tyumenskaya Oblast, in the southeast - upon Sverdlovskaya Oblast, and in the south - upon Permskaya Oblast and Komi-Permyatsky Autonomous Okrug, to the southwest lies Kirovskaya Oblast. The total length of borders of the republic is 4415 km. The Komi Republic is divided into 20 districts. The population is 1185,5 thousand people (about 0,8 % of the whole population of Russia). Density of population (January 1, 1998) makes 36,0 per 1 sq. km.
The republic lies in the subarctic and moderate climatic zones. In the most part of its territory the climate is moderately continental with long severe winters and short cold summers. In the far north and southeast (within the Polar circle and in the mountains of Polar Ural) the severe subarctic climate predominates. The average temperature of January is 9,4 degrees below zero; the average temperature of July is +20,9 degrees centigrade.
The faunafauna of the Komi Republic is diverse. Typical representatives of the tundra fauna are the reindeer, polar fox, hare, partridge and the polar owl.
In taiga there are 54 species of animals and 196 species of birds. Coniferous forests are occupied by the squirrel, marten, bear, glutton, lynx and the chipmunk. In low forests and valleys there aThe Komi Republicre the fox, wolf, hare, ermine and the mole; near water live otters, minks, water-rats and beavers.
There are such birds as the wood-grouse, hazel grouse, blackcock and the partridge.
Fuel and energy resources of the republic are represented by petroleum, bitumens, natural gas and gas condensate of the Timano-Pechorskaya oil-and-gas bearing province, by coking and power-generating coals of the Pechora coal-field, by combustible slates of the Vychega and Pechora slate fields, by peat and firewood.
The theatre always was one of the favourite arts in the Komi Republic. First productions were staged by amateur theatrical circles in the beginning of the 20th century.
Now there are five state theatres in the republic. The oldest one is the Academic Drama Theatre named after V.Savin, and the 'youngest' one is the State Theatre of Folklore that popularizes the Komi national culture. Besides there the State Opera and Ballet Theatre, the unique Puppet Theatre in Vorkuta originated in GULAG.

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