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The Udmurts

The UdmurtsThe self-destination of this people is udmurt, vudmurt, odmort, udmort, ukmort (in plural, -joz is added, e.g. udmurtjoz). The name for the Udmurts propagated by the use in the Russian language and now outdated is Votyak, which the Udmurts consider disparaging and offensive.

The Udmurts live in an area between the rivers Vyatka and Kama in the Republic of Udmurtia (496,5 th. p.). About 2/3 of the Udmurts live in their Republic (42,100 sq. km.). The rest live mainly in the Perm Province, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, in the provinces of Kirov and Yekaterinburg of the Russian Federation, and in the Mari Republic. Occasional Udmurt settlements are also in Siberia, Kazakhstan and the Far East.

II half of the 16th century - Udmurts become subjects of the Grand Duchy of Moscow;

18th century - Udmurts are converted to Orthodoxy, but retain their old nature religion;

1920 - formation of the Udmurt (Votyak) Autonomous Province;

1921 - famine breaks out as a result of the civil war in Russia, many Udmurts flee to Siberia;

1930s - forced collectivisation and relocation, by 1937 tens of thousands of Udmurts have been deported, almost the total Udmurt intelligentsia has been annihilated;

II World War - large production facilities together with their employees are evacuated to the Udmurt territory, which increases the proportion of immigrants, mainly Russians, in the population;

1950-60s - great numbers of Udmurts move to work on the big construction projects in Volgograd, Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg) and Siberia, or migrate to Kazakhstan and the Ukraine. Between 1971 and 1988 more than a thousand Udmurt villages were closed down as non-viable and the inhabitants were forced to move elsewhere.

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