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The Chuvashs

The ChuvashsThe Chuvashs are Turkic speaking people, living in the Middle Volga region (they are probably the ancient mix of turkis with cheremiss). The Shuvashs speak the Chuvash language (Bulgarian group of Turkic languages), that is a little bit changed under influence of Finnish language. They are firstly mentioned In Russian annals in 1524 during the foundation of Vasilsursk city, then in 1551 during the foundation of Sviyazhsk city. Before Russian mixed them partly with Cheremiss and Tatars. Number of Chuvashs in Russia is 1 million 773,6 thousand persons. Area of their living is territory of the Chuvash Republic and adjoining to it areas and republics. From them there is more than half, that is 50,8%, are settled outside of the Chuvash Republic - in Tatarstan (7,3% from total number of Chuvashs), in Bashkiria (6,4%), Kuibyshevskaya oblast (Samara) (6,4%), Ulyanovsk (6,3%). The religion is Orthodox.

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