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Kaliningradskaya Oblast

Kaliningradskaya OblastThe smallest oblast of the Russian Federation - Kaliningrad - is located in the west of Russia and has the detached position from other territory of the country. It is completely separated by overland borders of the foreign states and the international sea waters.

Territory of region - 15,100 sg. km.(0,1% of sq. RF) - one of the smallest territories of Russia; Density of the population - 63 men/sq.м. (The third place in Russia).
Population - 950 000, include 77% of urban population, 23% - rural; men - 48,3%, women - 51,7%.
Ethnic composition:
russian - 78%, belorussian - 8%, ukrainian - 7%, lithuanian - 2%, german 0,6%, pole - 0,5%, and other (In total 97 nationalitieKaliningradskaya Oblasts).

Climate: annual rainfall - 600 mm, average January temperature - 2.8? C, average July temperature +17.5? C, minimum temperature - 30?, Maximum temperature + 36? C.

Indeed, in 1255 the main castle of Koenigsberg was founded on bank of the Pregel river. Since the beginning of its history, Koenigsberg actively participated in trade activities as a member of the Hanza Union. The University of Albertina was the main spiritual and cultural center of the city, which gave many impulses to the life in the city as well as to neighbors from the Baltic region.
Since World War II, Kaliningradskaya Oblastthe political map of Europe changed indeed and the former capital of Eastern Prussia, Koenigsberg be-came a Russian city named Kaliningrad. Today, Kaliningrad is an administrative center of the most western territory of Russia. The borders of the region were determined according to the Potsdam Conference of the Allies in 1945. One third of Eastern Prussia with capital of Koenigsberg was allocated to the former USSR and two thirds of it were attributed to Poland. The main part of the German population abandoned the territory together with the withdrawing army.

In 1946, Koenigsberg was renamed "Kaliningrad" and became an administrative center of the Kaliningrad region.

Kaliningradskaya oblast is formed according to the Decree of Presidium VS of the USSR from April, 7, 1946.
The mode of special economic zone operates in region, the preferential mode of investments and enterprise activity, including external economic is established.

The resort zone reaches on hundred kilometers along Kaliningrad coast, opening hospitably doors of the fantastic cities and settlements.

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