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Evenksky AO

Evenksky AOEvenksky autonomous okrug is situated in Eastern Siberia, in the Extreme North of Russia. The region borders upon Krasnoyarsk Territory, Taimyr autonomous okrug, the Republic of Sakha (YakutiaYakutia) and Irkutskaya Oblast. The main rivers are the Lower and Podkamennaya Tunguska (the basin of the Yenisei). There are a lot of lakes in the territory of the region, among them are the Essey, Vivi, Agata.

The climate is distinctly continental. The average temperature of January varies from -26 to -36 degrees, of July - from +13 and +15 degrees centigrade. The number of days in a year with temperatures below zero is 226. The most part of the region is the permafrost. The tundra takes 1/10 of the whole territory. Precipitations are about 400 mm per year.

The area is 767.6 thousand sq. km. The population of the region is 19.8 thousand people, the one fifth of the population are the native people (the Evenks, the Yakuts, the Ketos, the Nenets). Density of population is 0.03 per 1 sq. km.

The industry is Evenksky AOunderdeveloped. There are some deposits of graphite, Iceland spar and coal. However, reserves of oil (more than 500 million tons) and gas (more than 700 billion cubic meters), explored during the last 15 years, give a hope that soon the oil and gas production will be the basis of the local economy.
The region includes 3 districts, 1 city and 18 villages. The centre is Tura (5.9 thousand inhabitants). The city was founded in 1938. The distance between Moscow and Tura is 5738 km.

The faunafauna of Evenksky AO is extremely rich. These are such fur animals as sable, fox, polar fox, bear, wolf, glutton, argali, elk, reindeer, seal.

The rivers and lakes teem with various species of fish, including rare (salmon trout, white salmon, sturgeon, sterlet, etc.) and common fish (pike, umber, loach, etc).

Absolutely virgin woods are represented by coniferous breeds.

Bowels of the earth contain deposits of goldEvenksky AO, precious metals and stones, ornamental stones. At the same time the geology of the region, as well as the floraflora and fauna, are not investigated at all proposing a riddle for scientists. Even in the Russian geological science the huge region of the upper rivers Moymecha, Ayakli, Kungtykakhy is called the Pole of inaccessibility.

Approximate density of population is 1 person per 35 sq. km. (the population is concentrated in settlements, the majority of territories is visited only by hunters). The whole territory is virgin (industrial development is not carried out and not planned here). Reindeer breeding, fishing and hunting is the basis of the local economy. Scientists came to the conclusion that this is the most ecologically clean region of Russia and maybe of the world.

The region is the native land of such unique peoples as the Ketos - 718 people, the Nganasans - 809, Entss - 209. Their languages, culture and religion are unique. The ancient taiga-tundra culture of these peoples (including shamanism, rites, ancient medicine, way of life, crafts, etc.) is really preserved here.

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