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Khabarovsky krai

Khabarovsky kraiKhabarovsky krai is situated in the Far East. From the east it is washed by the Sea of Okhotsk and the Japanese Sea. Khabarovsky krai borders upon Primorsky krai, China, Amurskaya, Magadanskaya oblasts and the Republic of Sakha (YakutiaYakutia).
The main river is the Amur. There are many small lakes. For instance, Bolon, Chukchagirskoye, B.Kizhi.
Khabarovsky krai is rich in water resources (more than 120 thousand big and small rivers with general flow of 4,5 billion cubic meters a year). The general extent of the rivers is 541 thousand km. Many of them belong to the basin of the Amur, which is one of the longest rivers in Russia. Its general length is 4440 km. The largest tributaries of the Amur in Khabarovsky krai are the Amgun, the Anuy, the Tunguska, the Bureya and the Ussuri.
The vast territory in the north pertains to the basin of the Lena (the river May and others).
There are 55 thousand big and small lakes in Khabarovsky krai. The largest of them are in the Amur basin: the Bolon, the Chukchagirskoye, the Udyl and the lake Orel.
The climate is moderately monsoon. Khabarovsky krai is situated in the centre of the Russian Far East. Numerous overland, water and air routes run through its territory connecting internal regions of Russia with the Pacific ports, the countries of the CIS and the Western Europe with the states of Asia and the Pacific region.
Khabarovsky krai has abundant natural resources. They are lands, water, wood, faunafauna, floraflora and numerous minerals.
Among the Russian Far East regions Khabarovsky krai is the richest in its resources (wood, valuable species of fish and furry animals, black, non-ferrous and precious ores, water resources, etc.).
The most part of woods is coniferous (75 % of the forest area and 86 % of the stock of wood).
The fauna is rich and diverse as well.
Khabarovsky krai includes 17 districts, 7 cities and towns, 7 urban districts, 31 urban settlements, 179 villages.
The centre of the region is Khabarovsk. The city was founded in the year of 1858. The distance between Moscow and Khabarovsk is 8533 km.
Today Khabarovsk is one of the largest cities of the Russian Far East, the centre of scientific and cultural life of the region.

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