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Komi-Permyatsky AO

Komi-Permyatsky AOThe autonomous okrug is situated near Ural in the basin of the river Kama.
The climate is continental with severe snowy winter and rather short warm summer. The average temperatures of January vary from 15,7 degrees (Kudymkar) to 16,7 degrees below zero (Gainy), the temperatures of July are correspondingly 17,6 and 17,3 degrees centigrade. Precipitations are 500-550 mm a year.
The total area is 32,9 thousand sq. km. The population (January 1, 1998) makes 152,4 thousand people. The density of population (January 1, 1998) is 4,6 persons per 1 sq. km.
Komi-Permyatsky Autonomous Okrug is a part of Permskaya Oblast.
The industry is represented by enterprises of the woodworking, food-processing, electric power industries and the industry of building materials.
Bogs occupy about 5 % of the total area.
FaunaFauna belong to the forest type. The main fur-bearing animals are the squirrel, hare, ermine, fox, marten, and birds are the hazel grouse, wood-grouse, blackcock, various waterfowl and waders. The livestock of the beaver, northern deer and elk is being restored.
The majority of the population makes the Komi-Permyaks (58 % in 1970) and Russians (36 %), etc. Since 1938 the city of Kudymkar is the centre of the autonomous okrug in Permskaya Oblast. The area of the city is 25,3 sq. km; the Komi-Permyatsky AOpopulation is 33,5 thousand inhabitants. It is situated on the both banks of the river Inva (a tributary of Kama) and partially on the left bank of Kama's tributary Kuva, on the highway Gainy - Mendeleyevo, 201 km from Perm.
In Kudymkar there are 10 secondary schools, 4 licea, children's school of arts, 2 houses of culture, 7 clubs, the cinema "Komsomolets", the Recreation Park named after I.Y.Krivoshekov and so on.
In 1988 in Kudymkar the Scientific and Research Department of Social Studies of the Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Komi Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences was established.
The complex program of development of Komi-Permyatsky national culture is being realized nowadays. Besides ties with scientific institutes of other Finno-Ugric peoples are established.
Since 1992 here works the TV and radio committee. There are such architectural monuments as the building of former Stroganov's office and the Nikolsky Cathedral (XVIII century).

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